Todo.txt—Keyboard shortcuts & filtering operators

The complete, updated list of keyboard shortcuts and filtering operators supported in Todo.txt for Chrome.

Keyboard shortcuts

To add a new task

  • a or + : Add a single task
  • m​ : Add multiple tasks in one go

Actions on selected task in the list

  • e : Edit task
  • x : Mark task complete / incomplete
  • # : Delete task (can be disabled in settings)
  • d : Change due date
  • p then a .. z : Change priority
  • p then . : Remove priority
  • enter : Edit task, or mark task done/incomplete (can be changed in settings)
  • j or down : Go to next task
  • k or up : Go to previous task
  • z : Undo last action (only available while the undo notification is visible).

Task list actions

  • r : Refresh task list—sync with server
  • shift + a : Archive completed tasks (Can be enabled in settings)

Theme, highlight colours, list density

Change theme
  • v then l : to use light theme
  • v then d : to use dark theme (supporters only)
  • v then s : to use system theme. Theme is changed to dark or light based on system theme. Depends on Chrome support. (supporters only)
Change highlight colour
  • h then g : to switch to grey highlighting
  • h then b : to switch to Rebecca purple highlighting
  • h then v : to switch to green highlighting
  • h then y : to switch to yellow highlighting
  • h then o : to switch to orange highlighting
Change list density
  • l then c : to switch to use compact list height
  • l then d : to switch to use default list height

Sidebar shortcuts

  • shift m : Show sidebar with list of saved filters
  • esc : Close sidebar
  • up / down : Select filters or actions in the sidebar
  • enter : Apply selected filter, or open selected action (sorting, settings, donate)
  • e : Edit selected filter

Other shortcuts

  • o : Open options page (in a new tab)
  • ?/f1 : Show help tips, including keyboard shortcuts

Filtering operators

  • Bread : Shows tasks containing the word bread
  • -Bread​ : Show tasks not containing the word bread
  • Bread Jam : Show tasks containing both jam and bread
  • Bread || Jam : Show tasks containing jam or bread, or both

Filtering by date

  • is:due : Show tasks that are due today, or earlier
  • due:overdue : Show overdue tasks
  • due:2017-10-18 : Show tasks due on Oct 18, 2017
  • created:2017-10-18 : Show tasks created on Oct 18, 2017
  • completed:2017-10-18 : Show tasks completed on Oct 18, 2017
  • Can also use today, tomorrow and yesterday for date with above filters

Other filters

  • (C) : Show tasks with priority C
    • (.) : Show tasks with no priority
    • (<C) : Show tasks with priority lower than ‘C’ (D, E, F…)
    • (>C) : Show tasks with priority higher than ‘C’ (A, B)
  • is:complete : Show completed tasks
  • is:pending : Show pending tasks
  • t:all : Also show tasks with threshold dates in the future
    • By default, tasks with threshold dates in the future are hidden

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