AutoConvert Select—Kelvin, Quarts and more..

New: Show both conversions with unit names for units with ambiguous names

Some unit names can represent different units, and conversion factors, depending on context. AutoConvert now converts these unit names as both their equivalent units. In such conversions, the assumed name of the original unit is shown under the conversion.

Units covered under this rule are:

  1. Gallons – converts as US gallon and Imperial gallon
  2. Quarts – converts as US quart and Imperial quart
  3. Ounce – converts as ounce (mass) and fluid ounce (volume)
  4. Ton – converts as US ton and Imperial ton
  5. Barrel – converts as US fluid barrel and US oil barrel


New Units


Added support for converting temperatures to and from Kelvin.


Added support for converting Quarts to both Imperial and US quart measures.

Update to app architecture

Updated the app architecture to fetch conversion rules and details from my server. Earlier these were packed inside the app code.

This change allows me to do small updates, including adding support for new units, currencies, etc, without needing to update the app. This may result in faster updates and changes in future.

Due to this change, the app will need to download the rules at least once on install, and on upgrade to the latest version. If this doesn’t work, please contact me using the feedback link in the app.

Bug fixes

  • Conversions to cm², , etc. didn’t display the exponent (2, 3, …) correctly. Fixed.
  • Conversions from in cu and in sq didn’t work. Fixed.
  • Time zone conversion used to pick up incorrect values when converting as time range. Fixed.
  • Light years now converts to both kilometres and miles


That’s all, folks!

v. 2020.0820.0.52

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AutoConvert Select—Currency names and hectares

New: Convert currencies from their common names


AutoConvert now understands and converts common currency names, e.g. Dollar, Yen, Yuan, Rupee. In case of ambiguous names like the Dollar, similar conversion conditions apply as to their currency symbols ($).


Alternate names and spellings are supported for some currencies, e.g. Ruble/Rouble and Yuan/Renminbi.

Other updateshectare

  • Added support for converting hectares.
  • Fixed a bug that affecting converted dates when converting time zone across dates.

That’s all, folks!

v. 2020.0725.0.51

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AutoConvert Select—time range, European number format, system dark theme..

New: Time conversion updates


Time range conversion

AutoConvert now supports converting time zone for a range of time. Values in a time ranges may be separated by a dash or to. Each time value may also specify a different date.

Relative time

Time zone conversion also shows relative time from now, e.g. in an hour.

Time now

AutoConvert window always shows current time in all your time zones. For non-supporters, the time in current/home time zone is displayed.

Reorder your time zones

Reorder your time zones on the options page by dragging and dropping them to show in your preferred order.


New: Support for system dark mode

AutoConvert now supports system light and dark modes where supported by Chrome—currently on Windows and macOS. Extension window theming is only available to supporters at the moment.


New: Currency conversion upgrades


European number formats

Currency conversion recognises European number format (comma as decimal marker, period as thousands separator) for conversion. Conversion of values when space is used as separator works only when decimal digits are also specified.

Scale large value names—trillions, billions, and millions

AutoConvert now automatically scales values specified in trillions, billions and millions to show the appropriate output value.


Currency conversions are usually rounded to two decimal places. But if the converted value is less than 0.01, AutoConvert now shows as many digits as required to show a non-zero value.


  • Conversions to yard will now also show converted values in feet.
  • *F and *C will be converted as Fahrenheit and Celsius, respectively.
  • Two single quotes, '', will be converted as inches, not as feet.

Update to app architecture

Updated app architecture to support upcoming changes to Chrome extensions APIs. These changes also make the extension lighter, though they may adversely impact the speed of first conversion.


Bug fixes

  • Supporter subscription did not update sometimes. Fixed.
  • Changes to some settings did not apply till browser was restarted. Fixed.
  • Certain unit and currency conversions displayed incorrect decimal digits. Fixed.


That’s all, folks!

v. 2020.0511.0.50

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AutoConvert Select—new app icon and updates

New app icon


New app icon for AutoConvert Select. The updated icon is used for both AutoConvert Select on Chrome and AutoConvert on Android




  • Conversion to inch also shows converted value in feet-inches where relevant.
  • Converted currency values are displayed in locale specific formats
    • In India, number separators are placed for lakh and crore digits,
    • In certain European countries, period (.) is used as thousands separator and comma (,) as decimal separator.
  • Metric lengths in mm are never converted to thou, only to inch or higher. Conversion from thou is still supported.
  • When different parts of a dimension have different appropriate unit, both are displayed.


That’s all, folks!

v. 2020.0120.0.37

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AutoConvert Select supporter update—convert to multiple time zones and dark theme

These updates are available to supporters only at the moment.

New: Convert to multiple time zone

AutoConvert can now convert time to multiple time zones, specially useful for distributed teams in multiple time zones. All time zone conversions will show in all additional time zones, apart from your local time.

Add up to four additional time zones on the options page. The custom time zones may be given a recognisable name, e.g. ‘Matt M, Houston‘.

Additionally, the extension window always shows current time in all your selected time zones.


Other updates

  • Unlimited conversions on text selection on webpages (max. 6 for non-supporters)
  • Extension window supports light and dark themes


That’s all, folks!

v. 2019.0711.0.36

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AutoConvert Select—Currency conversion updates


Exchange rate link

Clicking on the exchange rate displayed in currency conversion now opens the live exchange rate on Google.

Full currency name

Full original currency name is displayed in the conversion. This is useful when converting from unfamiliar currencies, or when source currency can be ambiguous like ‘dollar‘.

Exchange rate update time

Hovering on the currency exchange rate in a conversion shows a tooltip indicating how long ago the rate was updated. The colour of the exchange rate text—green, amber or red—also indicates its freshness.


Other updates

  • Text in extension window is now pinned by default.
  • Added alternate currency abbreviations for some Scandinavian currencies:
    • Norwegian Krone: NKR and NOK
    • Danish Krone: DKR and DKK
    • Swedish Krone: SKR and SEK
    • Icelandic Krone: IKR and ISK


That’s all, folks!

v. 2019.0226.0.33

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AutoConvert Select – Become a supporter

Premium supporter membership is now available in AutoConvert Select.

Becoming a supporter helps fund continued maintenance and development of the extension. It also helps me determine if there is a genuine value being delivered by AutoConvert, and direct focus on requests from supporting users.

There are three levels of supporter memberships available:

    1. Supporter ($0.99 / £0.79 / €0.89 / ₹ 60 – a month)
    2. Promoter ($4.99 / £3.49 / €3.99 / ₹ 299 – a month)
    3. Patron ($14.99 / £9.99 / €10.99 / ₹ 914 – a month)

Please pick a supporter level that reflects both your ability to pay, and how useful you find AutoConvert.

Features exclusive for premium supporters:

  1. Currency conversion,
    • Currency rates are also fetched 4x more frequently for premium supporters than trial users
  2. Custom target time zones (coming later), and
  3. Alternate target currency and time zones in extension window

All premium features are available to all premium supporters, irrespective of premium level chosen.

Features available to all users:

  1. Measurement unit conversion, and
  2. Time zone conversion to detected current time zone,
  3. Unlimited unit and time zone conversion from extension window

Free Trial

A free 5-day guest trial enables all premium features. The guest trial period starts when currency conversion is first enabled1.

A 30-day free trial period starts the first time you sign up for a premium supporter membership. This enables all premium features, including more frequent currency rates fetch. First payment is only charged at the end of this 30-day free trial period2.

Starting May 2019, 30-day free trial is no longer available.

The guest trial is now available for 10 days after installation. Currency conversion is available to all users during guest trial. After 10 days, a supporter subscription is required to enable supporter features, including currency conversion, multiple time zones, dark mode, and more…

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autoConvert Select – Reading common currency symbols based on website domain

Some common currency symbols are used by more than one currency. The dollar sign ($) is the most common example – used by the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Colombia, and more.

autoConvert will convert values with these common currency symbols based on domain of the website where the value is selected. Domain matching is only used for currency symbols, and not for the three character currency codes.

An example:

AUD 20‘ will always be read as Australian Dollars irrespective of the website,
$ 20‘ will only be read as Australian Dollars on websites ending in ‘.au‘. Elsewhere it will be read as US Dollars.

The currency symbols covered by domain-matching are:

  1. $
    • US Dollar (default)
    • Canadian Dollar (.ca)
    • Australian Dollar (.au)
    • New Zealand Dollar (.nz)
    • Colombian Peso (.co)
    • Argentinian Peso (.ar)
    • Chilean Peso (.cl)
    • Dominican Peso (.do)
    • Jamaican Dollar (.jm)
    • Brazilian Real (.br)
  2. £
    • British Pound (default)
    • Egyptian Pound (.eg)
  3. ¥
    • Japanese Yen (default)
    • Chinese Renminbi Yuan (.cn)
  4. kr
    • Swedish Krona (default)
    • Norwegian Krone (.no)
    • Danish Krone (.dk, .fo)
    • Icelandic Krone (.is)
  5. Rs
    • Sri Lankan Rupee (default)
    • Pakistani Rupee (.pk)

The top-level-domain (TLD) next to each currency above indicates which websites will use that currency for the relevant symbol. When the domain does not match that TLD, the default currency will be used.

That’s all, folks!

Please share your feedback, including suggestions and any bugs you find using this link.

v. 2018.1018.0.20

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autoConvert Select – currency conversion free trial, and more

Switching currency to USD
Switching currency to USD

A free trial of Currency conversion is now available to all users

Currency conversion is a premium feature, but is now available as a free trial to all users. It shall stay free for at least 30 days for everyone.

One-time conversion to other currency or time-zone

autoConvert converts currencies to your default currency (you may change this on the options page), and time to your local time zone (from browser).

For those times when you may want to convert to another currency, there are now two extra buttons available in the popup:

Use them to change currency, or time zone, for the current conversion.

The currency and time zone specified here is only used for the current conversion in the popup. When the popup is closed and opened again, it goes back to converting to the default currency, and the home time zone. Conversion by selection on a web page always uses the default currency and home time zone.

This is a premium feature, but is available to all users during the free trial.

Conversions appear in original order

Conversions appear in original order – both on web pages, and in the popup.

Earlier, they were ordered as time conversions, followed by currency conversions, followed by unit conversions. This forced sort order has now been removed.

Irrespective of the type of conversion – time, currency or unit – they will appear in the same order as in the text selected/typed.

Other minor updates

  • tbs‘ is now parsed as ‘tablespoons
  • Removed permission for reading clipboard contents
  • Minor bug fixes

That’s all, folks!

Please share your feedback, including suggestions and any bugs you find using this link.

v. 2018.1017.0.18

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autoConvert Select – pounds, stones and currency conversion trial

I’m over 10Kg above target weight 😥

Two changes in this update – a minor tweak for pound/stone-using users, and announcing first currency conversion trial.

Convert mass to both stones and pounds

Some countries measure weight in pounds, others prefer stones. In the old extension there was a setting to decide which unit to use. In autoConvert Select, both values are now shown. Simple.

Currency conversion trial

Currency conversion is now available in autoConvert select. However, it’s currently in trial mode, and available only to a small (randomly selected) fraction of users.

I am not very comfortable about the durability of the exchange rates source I am using. So, I have restricted this feature to a small number of users. Exchange rates are also fetched only twice a day.

When currency conversion is available, an option to enable it, and to select your home currency will be available in options.

That’s all, folks!

Please share your feedback, including suggestions and any bugs you find using this link.

v. 2018.918.0.16
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