Clutter Free – tab count limit


Set a limit for the number of open tabs

Control tab sprawl further by applying a limit on the number of open tabs. Tab count limit is available as a beta feature in the ‘Advanced/Experimental settings‘ section. Open tabs are counted across all windows, excluding incognito tabs. The limit can be enforced in two ways:

  • Soft limit—a nag notification appears on every tab when you exceed the tab limit.
  • Hard limit—no new tabs are allowed to be opened when you exceed the limit (not yet available).

If the setting to show the number of open tabs is enabled (‘General Settings > Extension button‘ section), the counter’s background will change to indicate number of tabs

  • red if over limit
  • amber if close to limit
  • green if well below limit

Tab count limits will be a supporter-only feature when it is ready, but is available to all while still under beta.

That’s all, folks!

Please share your feedback, including suggestions and any bugs you find using the feedback link on tab search or the options page.

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v. 8.23.4

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