Todo.txt for Chrome – Google analytics removed

ver. 2018.530.6.2

Google Analytics completely removed

The extension used Google Analytics to track which settings and functionality was being used – to help focus developer attention on what was being used.

I have now completely removed all analytics tracking from the extension. The extension now only communicates with Dropbox for syncing the task and archive files. Other than that there are no network requests from the extension.

This also means that I shall have no insight into features that are popular, or broken. So, please submit your feedback using the button in the extension.

Minor updates & bug fixes

Made a few minor changes and fixed a few bugs. The two visible changes are:

Sorting tasks by due date or priority

When sorting tasks by due date in ascending order, tasks with no due dates used to list above tasks with no due dates. This is now fixed – in both ascending and descending sort orders, tasks with no due date will appear below tasks with any assigned due date.

When sorting by priority, ascending and descending conform to the importance of the character. E.g, when ordered in descending priorities, tasks with priority A will come before B, and before tasks with no priority.

Task count in status bar

When task list is filtered, the count of visible and total tasks will always be visible in the status bar. E.g.: “Showing 5 of 69 tasks

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Todo.txt for Chrome – v. 2016.1112.2.15

  • Bug Fix: Keyboard shortcuts didn’t work with non-English keyboards (tested solution with German).
  • New: Suggest priorities in filter field, along with +projects, @contexts, and #tags.
    Priorities suggestion can be triggered by:

    • Typing ‘(‘, or
    • Pressing ‘Ctrl‘ and ‘Down‘ keys when in search field.

    Only priorities present on tasks in the todo.txt file are suggested.

  • New: Click on any priority icon to filter tasks by that priority.
  • New: Press ‘F1‘ to show help.

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