Todo.txt for Chrome – Keyboard shortcuts to switch theme & highlight colour

Changing task priority: p + a..z
Changing task priority: p + a..z

New: More keyboard shortcuts

Continuing with yesterday’s updates, here are the promised keyboard shortcuts:

  • Switch theme: ‘v‘ followed by ‘d‘ark or ‘l‘ight
  • Switching highlight colours: ‘h‘ followed by
    • g‘ for grey,
    • b‘ for Rebecca purple,
    • v‘ for green,
    • y‘ for yellow, or
    • o‘ for orange

A list of these, and all other keyboard shortcuts is available here.

Helper for multi-key keyboard shortcuts

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Added helper modals to assist with multi-key keyboard shortcuts – changing task priority (‘p‘ + ‘a..z‘), switching theme (‘v‘ + ‘d/l‘), and switching highlight colours (‘h‘ + ‘g/b/v/y/o‘).

When the the first key is pressed, a small window appears in the bottom right with hints about next key options available.

This also helps prevent unknowingly changing priority by indicating priority changing mode is on.

As usual, please share any bugs, or new feature suggestions that you come across.


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AR\Instapaper, version 2016.1122.0.15

Keyboard shortcuts, continued…

  • On all pages:
    • ?‘ or ‘F1‘ to see list of all keyboard shortcuts; ‘?‘, ‘ F1‘, or ‘esc‘ to hide
    • l‘ or ‘f‘ to like (or favourite) an article
    • g+n‘ to go to notes/highlights page
    • x‘ to select/unselect an article in a list for bulk editing
    • esc‘ in search form returns keyboard control to the page
    • esc‘ closes active popovers
  • On article reading page:
    • o‘ to open article on original website
    • v + l/s/g/d‘ to switch theme to light, sepia, grey, or dark, respectively
    • g + h/l/a/v/n‘ to go to home, liked, archived, videos, or notes/highlights lists, respectively
  • On notes & highlights list page
    • Improved presentation of highlights – added leading quote, and changed font size to differentiate.
    • Added shortcuts:
      • up/down/j/k‘ to traverse list,
      • enter‘ to read,
      • o‘ to open original,
      • v+l/s/g/d‘ to change theme,
      • /‘ to search, and
      • g + h/a/l/v/b/1..9‘ to go to folder
  • On search results page:
    • up/down/k/j‘ to traverse up/down the search results list
    • enter‘ to read selected article
    • o‘ to open article on original website
  • Bug Fix: ‘up/k‘ wasn’t working without a previously selected article