AR\Instapaper, version 2016.1219.1.19

  • New: Add articles while offline. Articles are saved locally, and added to Instapaper when online
  • New: Extension icon turns Red if current page is already in Instapaper
  • New Keyboard shortcuts:
    • On list pages:
      • Press '.' to open settings & profile menu
      • Press 'u' to un-archive article on Archive page
      • When multiple articles are selected,
        • 'm', '#', and 'a' trigger move, delete, and archive actions, respectively, on all articles,
        • 'up/down' keys select folder, 'enter' moves articles to selected folder.
    • On article reading page:
      • Press 'd' to hide/display actions bar on top

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AR\Instapaper, version 2016.1208.1.8

  • NEW: Save tab/link to Instapaper
    • from keyboard shortcut (Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + S, or Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + A),
    • from browser button, and
    • from context menu
  • NEW: Read something (randomly selected) from your list
    • from keyboard shortcut (Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + X),
    • from browser button, and
    • from context menu
  • NEW: Open in a new tab
    • from keyboard shortcut (Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + L),
    • from browser button, and
    • from context menu
  • NEW – Notification on app update, with link to list of changes

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AR\Instapaper, version 2016.1202.1.3

API Integration…

  • Options page – sign-in to (and sign-out from) Instapaper
  • In background:
    • Verify access token, and fetch user details
    • Fetch unread article list
    • Refresh unread count periodically
    • Save user folder list, and article counts against each folder
  • Show unread article count on button
  • Show article count against each folder on list page