Clutter Free – advanced URL matching


Advanced URL matching section provides two options for tweaking duplicate tab matching—ignore hash/fragment and ignore query/search.

Ignore hash and ignore query are now out of experimental features, and available to all users. However, please use these with caution as they may cause closing of non-duplicate tabs with similar URLs but different hash or query segments.

Ignore hash and query only on selected websites

There are some valid use cases for ignoring hash and query. For example, Google Sheets uses same URL but different hash for different sheets within the same spreadsheet. Enabling ignore hash will prevent opening multiple copies of the same spreadsheet on different tabs.

The new feature allows enabling ignore hash and ignore query only on selected websites. This is a much safer way than applying it for all websites.

The ignore setting is applied to the provided URL and its sub-paths. So, adding ‘‘ will apply the setting for all Google Sheets. Similarly, applying ignore query for ‘www‘ will prevent opening multiple Amazon search tabs, even for different products (if you so desire).

As this is an advanced feature, it is available only to supporters at the moment.


  • Update: URL matching for detecting duplicates is now case sensitive.
  • Bug fix: Some notification texts were garbled after the last update.
  • Update: Summary of changes is now available in-extension, accessible from options page as ‘Update notes‘.

That’s all, folks!

Please share your feedback, including suggestions and any bugs you find using the feedback link on tab search or the options page.

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v. 8.22.14

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Clutter Free – more tab actions, and ‘ignore query’

Screenshot 2020-07-07 at 17.56.19.png

More tab actions—pin and move in window

New tab actions added to tab search window:

  1. Move tab to first position in its window (after pinned tabs, if any),
  2. Move tab to the last position in its window
  3. Pin or un-pin tabs (supporters only)

This is in addition to previous tab actions:

  1. Duplicate tabs
  2. Add tab to allow/block list
  3. Add tab’s domain to allow/block list
  4. Suspend or un-suspend tab (supporters only)
  5. Open tab in a new window

Tabs can also be pinned/un-pinned using the keyboard shortcut ‘p‘.

New search keyword—pinned tabs

Use ‘is:pinned‘ to search only pinned tabs. ‘-is:pinned‘ searches only in unpinned tabs.

This keyword may be used together with regular search words and the ‘is:suspended‘ keyword.

New: Copy tabs to clipboard

Use the copy button, next to the tab count, in tab search window to copy tabs to clipboard.

  • Copies tab title and URL
  • Copies tabs filtered in tabs list
  • For suspended tabs, the original URL is copied

Use the setting on options page to specify the format of copied text—plain text, Markdown, or URLs only.

New: Ignore query when comparing duplicates

Screenshot 2020-07-07 at 18.15.27.png

‘Ignore query’ option is now available as an experimental option (bottom of options page). When enabled, the query portion of the URL is ignore when preventing duplicates. E.g. ‘‘ and ‘‘ will appear as duplicates.

Enabling this setting may cause unexpected behaviour on many sites. Using the query parameter to refer to distinct content is a common web practice.

Other updates

  • Suspend tab button is disabled for chrome:// and chrome-extension:// tabs as these can’t be suspended by The Great Suspender
  • Bug fix: Selected tab lost focus after an action in tab search
  • delete, home, end, and enter keys were not working in filter text input field

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