Todo.txt for Android – v 2019.0722.2.32.25

New: Change task sort order

Use the new ‘Change sort order‘ menu item to open the custom sorting screen. The sorting screen has options to select from:

  • the default sort order,
  • a custom sort order, or
  • one of your saved sort orders (Only available for supporters at the moment)

For supporters:

Save frequently used custom sort orders with a name. Easily switch to them from the sort order dropdown.

Saved sort orders can also be used to sort tasks in the task list widget.


Simplified the settings screens for task list and task count widgets.

Bug fixes

  • Current folder location is now visible in Google Drive file picker
  • ‘​​Archive tasks‘ options had disappeared in a recent beta update. Fixed.

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Todo.txt for Chrome – v. 2017.414.3.5

Updated to work with Dropbox’s new, updated API.

Dropbox announced that their old API will stop working in June 2017.

The ‘Todo.txt for Chrome‘ extension now works with the new API.

The Todo.txt Chrome app, for which I ended support last year, may not function after 28th June 2017.

Architecture changes

I’ve also made changes to the way the extension is structured internally. This is in preparation for adding support for Google Drive, as an alternative to Dropbox, for syncing.

These changes may have introduced some bugs, which I haven’t discovered in my testing. Please report any bugs you discover using this form.