Todo.txt for Chrome – new filtering options, and more

version 2017.0626.4.16

New filtering options

Added new filtering options to filter by dates, completion status, and (no) priority

Filtering by date

Filter your task lists by dates – task due date, creation date, and completion date.

    • For due date: ‘due:<date>
    • For creation date: ‘created:<date>‘, and
    • For completion date: ‘completed:<date>

<date> can be today, tomorrow, yesterday, or a specific date of the form yyyy-mm-dd (e.g. ‘completed:2017-06-21‘). There is no space before or after the colon.

Other new filtering options

  1. You may filter the lists for completed tasks using: ‘is:complete
  2. You may filter for tasks with no priority using: ‘(.)

All these new filters can also be used to exclude tasks by appending a ‘-‘ (e.g. ‘-is:complete‘ will show only incomplete tasks). They can also be, as usual, combined with other terms, including using ‘||‘.

Task list traversal using keyboard

There are a couple of small changes to list traversal:

  • Press ‘escape‘ key to clear highlighted/selected task
  • Pressing ‘<up>‘/’<down>‘ keys when on first/last task, now cycles back to the other end of the list

Other changes

  • When not signed in, clicking on the extension button will open the Sign-in page, instead of the extension popup.
  • Updated the minimum supported Chrome version to 49
    • I needed some functionality that isn’t available in versions prior to v.49,
    • Current Chrome version is 59, and v49 was released in March 2016 – so, hoping most users won’t be affected.

If you encounter any issues, specially due to changes to filtering tasks, or because you are using a version of Chrome that is older than 49, please do let me know using the feedback form.

Get Todo.txt for Chrome on the Chrome Web Store.

Todo.txt for Chrome – v. 2017.508.4.8

Minor updates to extension interface

  1. When creating a new task, pre-fill priority, #tags, +projects and @contexts from current filter. Can be disabled from settings.
  2. In add-task and add-multiple-tasks screens, pressing space-bar on add/cancel buttons should submit/cancel the action.
  3. In add-task and add-multiple-tasks screens, pressing escape should cancel the action, and go back to task list. Will only work if no changes have been made.
  4. Bug Fix: In multi-add task screen, submitting an empty form didn’t hide the full screen, but added the task list below it.

Todo.txt for Chrome – v. 2016.1123.2.19

  • Bug Fix: Filtering not working for some users. This was due to a code bug that triggered only when specific non-English characters are used.
  • Other bug fixes:
    • Corrected direction for keyboard shortcuts ‘j’ and ‘k’, to ‘down’ and ‘up’, respectively,
    • Ensured first & last task are fully visible when scrolling by keyboard – they were sometimes partly hidden below the top and bottom bars.

A big thank you to Todo.txt user, Georg Handwerker, for help identifying the root cause of the filtering and keyboard shortcut bugs.

Todo.txt for Chrome – v. 2016.1112.2.15

  • Bug Fix: Keyboard shortcuts didn’t work with non-English keyboards (tested solution with German).
  • New: Suggest priorities in filter field, along with +projects, @contexts, and #tags.
    Priorities suggestion can be triggered by:

    • Typing ‘(‘, or
    • Pressing ‘Ctrl‘ and ‘Down‘ keys when in search field.

    Only priorities present on tasks in the todo.txt file are suggested.

  • New: Click on any priority icon to filter tasks by that priority.
  • New: Press ‘F1‘ to show help.

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Filter articles in Pocket by length & age

Filtering articles in Pocket, powered by AcceleReader
Filtering articles in Pocket, powered by AcceleReader

I’m happy to announce that the latest update of AcceleReader for Chrome brings article filtering to Pocket.

Articles may be filtered by age or length:

  • By length1, articles can be filtered as Quick Reads (<4 mins), Medium (4-8 mins) and Long Reads (>8 mins)
  • By age2, the articles can be filtered as Fresh (< 1 week), Ripe (1-2 weeks), Ageing (2-4 weeks), and Old (>4 weeks)

The filtering interface is brought up by:

  • clicking on the total time displayed on top left, or
  • by pressing the key ‘.’ (Period).

It can be dismissed in the same manner, or by clicking anywhere on the page.

After reading-time tags for mobile, this is the second big feature I’ve been enjoying using myself, and hope other users like it as well!

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