Todo.txt for Chrome – Problems in Dropbox integration

UPDATE (17 Apr 2020, 15:00 BST)

The updated version of the extension (v. 8.32.9) with the bug fix is now available in the Chrome Web Store. Chrome will auto-update the extension in a few hours, or you may force a manual update to update immediately.

Original post:

There is a bug in the current published version (v. 8.31.17) of Todo.txt for Chrome that affects Dropbox integration. Login and syncing with Dropbox is broken because of this bug. Syncing with Google Drive is unaffected.

I have already submitted an update with the bug fix (v. 8.32.9).

Screenshot 2020-04-16 at 16.40.32.png

However, due to new processes and covid19 related delays, the extensions review team and Google currently takes anywhere from 2-21 days to approve updates.

I am sorry about this issue. Hopefully, the update will get approved and rolled out quickly. I will update this post when the update is available. Continue reading “Todo.txt for Chrome – Problems in Dropbox integration”

Todo.txt for Android – v 2019.0722.2.32.25

New: Change task sort order

Use the new ‘Change sort order‘ menu item to open the custom sorting screen. The sorting screen has options to select from:

  • the default sort order,
  • a custom sort order, or
  • one of your saved sort orders (Only available for supporters at the moment)

For supporters:

Save frequently used custom sort orders with a name. Easily switch to them from the sort order dropdown.

Saved sort orders can also be used to sort tasks in the task list widget.


Simplified the settings screens for task list and task count widgets.

Bug fixes

  • Current folder location is now visible in Google Drive file picker
  • ‘​​Archive tasks‘ options had disappeared in a recent beta update. Fixed.

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Todo.txt for Android – v 2018.0817.1.6


Removed Dropbox’s chooser library. Replaced with directly launching Dropbox to select task and archive files.

Bug fixes

  • Reset file chooser screen when back is pressed in Dropbox while selecting file location
  • Hide keyboard when task file location is confirmed (manual file location screen)
  • Disable back and up buttons on file location screen once file location has been changed (confirm only via ‘Done‘ button)
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Todo.txt for Android – v 2018.0817.1.4


Settings for default projects & contexts

Added new settings for adding projects and contexts to new tasks:

Add ‘filtered project/context‘ to new task text – switched on by default

Set ‘default project/context‘. This project and/or context will be added to the new task text when the previous setting is off, or when the list is unfiltered.

Other updates & bug fixes

Suggest default contexts and tags when there are no contexts in the user’s task list.

Bug Fixes
  • Check file path format when provided using manual text entry
  • Add default / filter projects to subsequent tasks when creating new tasks – was being added only for the first task
  • Also smashed some minor bugs
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Todo.txt for Android – v 2018.0814.1.3


Added task archiving

Archive completed tasks to your archive file by selecting ‘Archive completed tasks‘ from the options menu.

This moves the completed tasks from your tasks file to the archive file, and clears them from the app. If you have switched on the ‘Clean projects‘ setting, archiving also cleans unused projects.


Auto-archive archives tasks to the archive file automatically as soon as they are marked complete. ‘Auto-archive‘ may be switched on from settings.

Auto-archive only clears tasks marked complete in the app, and not completed tasks synced from Dropbox (marked complete in another app or CLI)

Also smashed some minor bugs.
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Todo.txt for Android – v 2018.0809.1.1


Long press to start selecting tasks

Long press a task to select it, and to enter task selection mode for quick editing.

In the initial release, a simple tap selected the task and switched to task selection mode. This caused overlap confusion between tapping on task (to select), and tapping on a project/context tag (to filter list by it).

Now, long press selects a task. Once a task has been selected, the more can be selected by tapping on them.

When in selection mode, the header shows number of tasks selected.

Text descriptions for task actions

Added text descriptions to the quick edit bar shown in task selection mode.

I may, in a future version add a setting to toggle this text description off.

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Todo.txt for Android: Early beta launch

An early beta version of my Todo.txt app for Android is now available in the Play Store.

Please do give it a try, and share your feedback here.

Todo.txt Solo supports all core features of the todo.txt format (, and is fully compatible with the Todo.txt CLI and my Todo.txt Chrome extension.

The core functionality available at the moment includes:

  1. Sync with a todo.txt file stored in Dropbox
  2. Create, List, Search, Edit, Delete tasks
  3. Mark tasks complete & incomplete
  4. Add, remove or change due dates, priorities, projects, contexts, tags
  5. Filter task list by project, completed, incomplete, due status
  6. Task list sorting order:
    Incomplete > Priority > Due date > Created date

Extra feature:

  1. Home screen widget to show count of tasks
    • configure the widget to count tasks by project, due, and/or completion state


  1. Works on Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) or newer
  2. Requires a Dropbox account, syncs with todo.txt file stored in Dropbox
  3. Only English language supported (translation help welcome)
  4. The final version, when released, may require a subscription/payment for some features