Bug: Todo.txt for Chrome stopped working

Bug in the last update requires re-install

I made a mistake while publishing the last extension update on Friday, 14th Feb 2017.

While moving from the old Dropbox API to the new one, I forgot to update settings in my Dropbox developer account. This meant that the extension suddenly stopped working for some users.

I’m sorry for this blunder!

I have resolved the issue from the back-end. However, for those already affected, the only solution, at the moment, is to remove and reinstall the extension.

It will start working normally again.

This is required only if your Todo.txt extension stopped working after the last update. If the extension in your browser is already working normally, you do not need to re-install. It has already been patched.

Todo.txt for Chrome – v. 2017.414.3.5

Updated to work with Dropbox’s new, updated API.

Dropbox announced that their old API will stop working in June 2017.

The ‘Todo.txt for Chrome‘ extension now works with the new API.

The Todo.txt Chrome app, for which I ended support last year, may not function after 28th June 2017.

Architecture changes

I’ve also made changes to the way the extension is structured internally. This is in preparation for adding support for Google Drive, as an alternative to Dropbox, for syncing.

These changes may have introduced some bugs, which I haven’t discovered in my testing. Please report any bugs you discover using this form.