Word Counter – Trigger key, light theme, and more

Updated options - position, theme and trigger key
Options – count box position & theme, and count trigger key

v. 2018.908.0.10

A couple of new additions in this update, along with the usual minor changes and bug fixes

Trigger key for counting only on command

First up: Word Counter now provides an option to only count selected text when a trigger key is pressed. This key may be enabled in the extension options (disabled by default)

Trigger keys may be any of: ‘alt‘, ‘shift‘, ‘control‘(not on MacOS), and ‘Command‘ (on MacOS only).

Dark and light theme for word count box

Next: Word count box can be themed in a dark (default) or light theme. Change in extension options.


Finally, some minor updates and fixes:

  • Added link to update notes (i.e. this website) in options
  • Fixed: Don’t count words when right-clicking on a link
  • Fixed: Consistent text size and font for word count box on all webpages

That’s all, folks!

Please share your feedback, including suggestions and any bugs you find using this link.

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Word Counter – v. 2018.0824.0.6

Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 18.33.27

Count box location

Move the the word count box to top or bottom right of the screen. Default is bottom-right. Change this in options.


  • If you like the extension, show it with a donation. Link in options, and here.
  • Word count box will now only appears when there’s at least one non-space character selected. Resolves the bug where it appeared when focusing on a cell in Google Sheets

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New: Word Counter extension for Chrome & Firefox

Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 16.41.54.png

I hate those web forms where they ask you to stay within a character or word limit, without giving a count of how many I have already typed.

I can’t remove the character limits on all the forms, but I can sure show how many characters, or words, have been used up.

Word Counter extension shows a simple count of characters and words in a corner of the screen.  As soon as you start typing in a text box1 on a web page, the extension will start showing a live count of words and characters in the box. You leave a text box, the count disappears, leaving the screen clean.

Bonus: Select some text on a page, and the Word Counter box will appear with count of words and charachters in the selected text.

That’s all, folks!

Get it here on Chrome and Firefox.

Please share any feedback, including feature suggestions and bug reports using this link.

  1. Doesn’t count in text fields that take passwords or numbers