Clutter Free – List duplicate tabs, and duplicate indicator

Duplicate tabs indicator

A small red dot appears on the Clutter Free button when there are duplicate tabs open1.

The dot indicates that there are two extra menu options available in the popup, and in the context menu (right-clicking) of the Clutter Free button.

Duplicate tabs list

List of duplicate tabs open

The duplicate tabs list is currently only available to supporters. It will be available to all users from mid-January 2019.

See a list of duplicate tabs when the red duplicate indicator dot is on. This list may be opened from the duplicate tabs notification, Clutter Free button context menu, or the Clutter Free popup actions.

We may close individual tabs from the list by clicking the ‘ב button, or we may close all duplicates using the ‘Close all duplicate tabs‘ action on top. Hovering on the ‘Close all duplicate tabs’ action highlights the tabs that will be closed. Original tabs are marked with a tab layer icon on the left. Pinned tabs are also identified with a pin.

Keyboard actions available in the duplicate tabs list:

  • Up‘/’Down‘: Select previous/next tab in the list
  • Enter‘: Focus selected tab in the browser
  • Delete‘: Close selected tab
  • Esc‘: Clear selection
  • F1‘/’?‘: Show available keyboard shortcuts

Other updates

  • When more than one on-page context menus are available, they are grouped under a ‘Clutter Free’ menu – parent menu text shortened to just the extension name
  • Removed donation links from the extension
  • Removed some bugs

That’s all, folks!

Please share your feedback, including suggestions and any bugs you find using this link.

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AR\ Instapaper – v. 2017.1114.4.2

Save directly to a folder

Save an article directly to a folder, without having to click

the button in the notification.

Adding the article immediately opens a popup to select the folder. Select a folder to save to it, or close the popup to cancel.

You may choose in options on how to trigger this action:

  1. Using a keyboard shortcut (Default: ‘Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+F‘),
  2. From extension button, or
  3. From the right-click context menu

Actions on extension button right-click

Right-clicking on the extension button presents all available actions:

  1. Open,
  2. Add current tab to your list,
  3. Add current tab to a folder in your list (described above), and
  4. Read a random article from your list

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