Todo.txt for Android – v 2019.0722.2.32.25

New: Change task sort order

Use the new ‘Change sort order‘ menu item to open the custom sorting screen. The sorting screen has options to select from:

  • the default sort order,
  • a custom sort order, or
  • one of your saved sort orders (Only available for supporters at the moment)

For supporters:

Save frequently used custom sort orders with a name. Easily switch to them from the sort order dropdown.

Saved sort orders can also be used to sort tasks in the task list widget.


Simplified the settings screens for task list and task count widgets.

Bug fixes

  • Current folder location is now visible in Google Drive file picker
  • ‘​​Archive tasks‘ options had disappeared in a recent beta update. Fixed.

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Clutter Free – Settings export & import, and bug fixes

Screenshot 2019-03-04 at 14.53.06.png
Settings export and import section

Settings – export and import

Set up different browser profiles to identical settings using the ‘Export settings‘ and ‘Import settings‘ options.

Settings export and import are available on the options page: Options​»About Clutter Free»Export/Import settings.

All Clutter Free settings are exported, including the URL whitelist and the domain blacklist. Exported settings are downloaded as a text file. This text file is not in a human readable format, and must not be changed.

After installing Clutter Free in a different browser profile, import the settings by importing the previously saved export file.

Clutter Free will only import settings after verifying the integrity of the imported file. If the file has been modified, the import may fail.

Bug Fixes and other updates

  1. Bug Fix: Clicking on direct switch links sometimes jumps to unrelated tabs. Clutter Free now has an additional check before switching. If the check fails, the link is clicked as normal.
  2. Bug Fix: In rare case, Clutter Free blocks duplicate new tab pages. Specifically, Momentum extension’s new tab URL has been now added to the whitelist.

That’s all, folks!

Please share your feedback, including suggestions and any bugs you find using this link.

Do you like Clutter Free? Show the value it brings by joining to become a supporter.

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Clutter Free – Attached window mode, window location & some bug fixes

Tab Search – Floating and attached window modes

Tab search window may now be opened in either of two modes:

  1. Floating window mode – This is the default behaviour. It provides full functionality of tab search and duplicates list.
  2. Attached window mode. This is equivalent to the old popup behaviour. The tab search popup appears next to extension button, and closes automatically when clicked anywhere outside it.

A few features are not supported in the attached window mode:

  1. Highlighted tab is not automatically focused in the browser. Pressing ‘enter‘ or clicking on a tab in the list switches to the selected tab, and closes the search window.
  2. Keyboard shortcuts to switch (‘Ctrl+Tab‘ and ‘Ctrl+Shift+Tab‘) between ‘Tab Search’, ‘Duplicate Tabs List’, and ‘Actions’ tabs in the popup window do not work .
  3. Keyboard shortcuts to jump (‘Ctrl+1/2/3‘) to ‘Tab Search’, ‘Duplicate Tabs List’, and ‘Actions’ tabs in the popup window may not work on Windows and Linux. They work as usual on macOS.

Switch popup behaviour between floating and attached window modes in options: Options​»Tab Search»Floating search window.

Toggle floating and attached window modes
Toggle floating and attached window modes in settings

Tab Search –  Floating window size and position

In floating window mode, Clutter Free now remembers the location and size of the window. When resized or moved around the screen, the window will next open in the same location and size.

Other updates

  1. Extension states – ‘on‘ and ‘off‘ – are now called ‘active mode‘ and ‘passive mode‘, respectively.
    This change better signals that even in off/passive state, the extension still detects duplicate tabs. It just does not automatically close them.
    In active mode, Clutter Free automatically closes detected duplicate tabs.
  2. Bug Fix: Closing two documents (or sheets or slides) from Google Drive ( sent one of the tabs in an infinite reload loop. This is now fixed.
    There is another unrelated bug with a similar reload loop with Drive documents when one is opened in a different window. It is still unfixed.

That’s all, folks!

Please share your feedback, including suggestions and any bugs you find using this link.

Do you like Clutter Free? Show the value it brings by joining to become a supporter.

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AcceleReader for Pocket – Support for Pocket Beta

Added support for the new Pocket beta URLs

Some of AcceleReader’s functionality had stopped working for users of Pocket’s Beta app. Pocket switched the beta URLs from to leading to the extension not discovering the pages, and not working on them.

Thanks to Federico Cimorelli for reporting this change.

This update restores most of the functions for Pocket Beta users:

  1. ‘Read something’ works again
  2. Coloured time tags and total article count are visible on the Pocket website
  3. Article filtering is back, though it doesn’t work well at the moment
    • Pocket Beta only shows 12 articles at a time, so only they are filtered, reducing the number of visible articles

New permissions & updating the extension

As Pocket beta works on a new URL, the extension requires additional permission to access that URL. So Chrome will disable the extension when you upgrade, till AcceleReader is allowed to access the new Beta URL as well.

Also, you may need to open your Pocket list once – ‘‘ – before the extension registers that you are using the beta version, and starts serving you pages on the beta URL.

There are also some other minor updates to the filtering tags in the side bar, and the filtering popup.

Please share any feedback or issues using the feedback form available here.

That’s all, folks!

ver. 1.38.3
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AcceleReader for Pocket – Article filtering bug resolved

Fixed: Total reading time and article filtering options not appearing

The issue appears to have been occuring when Pocket took a bit longer to load the article list. This has now been fixed. I have tested it on multiple operating systems, and different connection speeds, and it appears to be working correctly.

There are also some other minor updates to the way tags are added to newly added articles, and the extension popup.

Please share any feedback or bugs you may encounter using the feedback form available here.

That’s all, folks!

ver. 2018.1015.1.36
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AcceleReader for Instapaper – Instaread update & more

Instaread available from extension button

Instaread is now also available by right-clicking on the extension button in the toolbar.

Use Instaread when you want to read a page immediately, but in the clean, clutter-free interface of Instapaper. AcceleReader will save the page to your Instapaper account, and open the saved page in Instapaper in a new tab.

Other updates

This update has a lot of code changes behind the scene. Most of it is related to performance improvements, error handling, and some bug fixes. I have tested the update, but there is still a chance things might break.

Some of the bug fixes:

  • Performing offline actions – like, mark read, delete – in the extension popup now updates local view immediately.
  • Better handling of some Instapaper errors means list count is always in sync.
  • Extension popup is disabled when not logged in.

Please share any feedback or bugs you may encounter using the feedback form available here.

That’s all, folks!

ver: 2018.1013.4.15

P.S.: The Firefox version is still uploading, so may be a bit before it becomes available.

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Todo.txt for Chrome – ‘Undo’ task actions, and more…


New: Undo quick task actions

Undo‘ actions on tasks in the list. Undo functionality is available for quick task actions – delete (‘#‘), change priority(‘p + a-z‘), change due date(‘d‘), and mark task complete (‘x‘).

Undo action is available in the notification toast at the bottom for 5 secs. Undo is also available using the keyboard shortcut ‘z‘ while the notification toast is visible.

If there’s a need, a future version may provide the option to pick alternate undo delays.

Other updates

Sort by date

A new option to sort by date is now available. Sorting by date treats completed and pending tasks differently.

Completed tasks are sorted, in order, by completion date, then due date, then creation date. Pending tasks are sorted by due date, then creation date.

The default sort order is

  1. Pending tasks before completed tasks
  2. Higher priorities before lower priorities
  3. Then sorted by date

Sorting by creation date and due date are still available as options.

Optimised syncing

The extension now optimises network requests by batching together syncing for some of actions.

This means that when a number of actions are performed in a quick sequence – say, marking multiple tasks complete – there’s only one sync with Dropbox. This does lead to a small delay in the syncing 5-15 secs, however, does reduce impact on network and battery.

Active refreshes – by pressing ‘r‘ or when the extension window is opened – are still performed immediately.

Interface tweaks

  • Added a link to keyboard shortcuts in the bottom bar,
  • Removed Twitter link in the bottom bar, and converted other links to text to reduce distraction,
  • Updated ‘syncing’ icon
  • Reduced font size, added San Francisco font on MacOS
  • Reordered task dates order in list
    • For pending tasks: Only due date is shown
    • For completed tasks: First completed date, then due date is shown
    • Created dates have been moved to the right in a muted colour
  • Edit and delete action icons have been muted

Bug fixes

  • Fixed issue with the options page sometimes loading without any options enabled
  • Corrected relative dates for dates in task list

There are a lot of updates and changes in this version. This may mean that a few bugs may have escaped my testing. Please do share any bugs, or feature glitches that you come across.


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Todo.txt for Android – v 2018.0817.1.6


Removed Dropbox’s chooser library. Replaced with directly launching Dropbox to select task and archive files.

Bug fixes

  • Reset file chooser screen when back is pressed in Dropbox while selecting file location
  • Hide keyboard when task file location is confirmed (manual file location screen)
  • Disable back and up buttons on file location screen once file location has been changed (confirm only via ‘Done‘ button)
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