autoConvert for Chrome – v. 2017.516.2.16

Workaround for pages hanging due to react.js, and other updates

  • To reduce incidences of pages hanging on websites using react:
    • Extension detects and skips website sections that use react. Still hangs on facebook, though 😦
    • Added a 2 sec delay before conversion is started on the page, to ensure most dynamic elements are loaded
  • Updated badge background colour for better visibility
  • Increased minimum supported Chrome version to 49 (from 23)
    • This helps me use newer Chrome & javascript features that older versions don’t support
    • About 3% of current users will not be able to use the extension if they don’t upgrade their browser
  • Added prompts for support by donations – helps me keep the system running, and get new treats for my dog – Chewie
  • Bug fix: Extension was affecting the layout of Google’s Inbox

Todo.txt Extension – version 2016.1018.2.4

  • NEW FEATURE: Extension window can now be set to open in a:
    • stand alone window (chrome-app style),
    • new browser tab, or
    • the default pop-up style
  • BUG FIX: Due date tag is now saved in lowercase for compatibility with other apps
  • Added a donation button (Help me get Chewie more chow! 🙂
  • Changed badge background colour to black/gray to improve contrast with badge text