AutoConvert Select—new app icon and updates

New app icon


New app icon for AutoConvert Select. The updated icon is used for both AutoConvert Select on Chrome and AutoConvert on Android




  • Conversion to inch also shows converted value in feet-inches where relevant.
  • Converted currency values are displayed in locale specific formats
    • In India, number separators are placed for lakh and crore digits,
    • In certain European countries, period (.) is used as thousands separator and comma (,) as decimal separator.
  • Metric lengths in mm are never converted to thou, only to inch or higher. Conversion from thou is still supported.
  • When different parts of a dimension have different appropriate unit, both are displayed.


That’s all, folks!

v. 2020.0120.0.37

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Todo.txt for Chrome – New app icon

New Todo.txt for Chrome app icon
Todo.txt for Chrome app icon

The Todo.txt for Chrome extension has a new app icon. It’s simpler, cleaner, and is better visible against all backgrounds.

Both the Todo.txt app for Android and the Chrome extension now share the same app icon.


  • If current due date is in future, selecting ‘Next week’ option from due date selector will push it forward by one more week.
  • File sync: Edited tasks are updated in their position. Earlier they were moved to end of file. New tasks are still written at end of file.

That’s all for now.

As usual, please do share any bugs, or new feature suggestions.


ver. 2019.1105.8.24.3

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autoConvert Select – pounds, stones and currency conversion trial

I’m over 10Kg above target weight 😥

Two changes in this update – a minor tweak for pound/stone-using users, and announcing first currency conversion trial.

Convert mass to both stones and pounds

Some countries measure weight in pounds, others prefer stones. In the old extension there was a setting to decide which unit to use. In autoConvert Select, both values are now shown. Simple.

Currency conversion trial

Currency conversion is now available in autoConvert select. However, it’s currently in trial mode, and available only to a small (randomly selected) fraction of users.

I am not very comfortable about the durability of the exchange rates source I am using. So, I have restricted this feature to a small number of users. Exchange rates are also fetched only twice a day.

When currency conversion is available, an option to enable it, and to select your home currency will be available in options.

That’s all, folks!

Please share your feedback, including suggestions and any bugs you find using this link.

v. 2018.918.0.16
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autoConvert Select – Convert any text with extension window

v. 2018.911.0.11

Convert text from other apps using autoConvert Select

Copy the text in the other app (say, from an email in Outlook), click on the autoConvert Select button in Chrome, and paste the text in the text box. autoConvert will instantly convert all units and times found in the text.

Convert more than 6 items from a web page

Convert as many units as you want in one go
Convert as many units as you want in one go

The limit of 6 conversions at a time does not apply to conversions done using the autoConvert Select window. Copy all the text from a webpage and paste into the text box. All conversions found in the text will be displayed1

Offline conversions of units and times

Google provides a handy converter for units and time zones. autoConvert Select makes it one better by providing similar functionality even without an internet connection. Like before, open Chrome, open the autoConvert Select window, and type in whatever you want coverted. It’s done, pronto.

Other updates

Updated icon - autoConvert Select
Updated icon – autoConvert Select

Made a minor tweak to the app icon, just enough to marginally differentiate from the now-deprecated autoConvert extension.

That’s all, folks!

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AR\Instapaper, version 2016.1221.2.1

  • New: Colour-coded reading time estimates on
    • Green for  5 mins or shorter ,
    • Amber for  5-10 mins , and
    • Red for  10 mins or longer .
    • On reading page, the colour changes automatically from red to amber to green as you read the article
AcceleReader for Instapaper icons - Clockwise from top left: Default, Signed-out, Signed-in, and 'Page Added'
Clockwise from top left: Default, Signed-out, Signed-in, and ‘Page Added’
  • New app icon, with 4 states
    • Default icon
    • Signed-out of Instapaper
    • Signed-in to Instapaper
    • Page added to Instapaper

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