autoConvert Select: Convert time zones, automagically!

Time with zone in selected text converted to my time zone (on the right)

Convert time from different zones

autoConvert Select now converts time zones from a variety of formats. Just select the text containing a time with a different time zone, and it will be automatically converted to your time zone.

autoConvert Select recognises these core time zone versions:

  • The standard version: ‘2 P.M. Europe/London‘,
  • Most abbreviations: ‘14:00 BST‘, and
  • Many city and area names: ‘1400 London time

I will continue adding support for more formats, so please share with me any text you think it isn’t converting properly.

Trigger key for only converting selectively

autoConvert Select now includes an option to only convert text when a trigger key is pressed. This may be set on the options/preferences page.

This option is disabled by default. Trigger keys may be any of: ‘alt‘, ‘shift‘, ‘control‘(not on MacOS), and ‘Command‘ (on MacOS).

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autoConvert Select – Convert multiple values in a single selection

v. 2018.830.0.4


Convert multiple values in selected text

autoConvert Select now converts up to six values in a single selection.

Dark and light theme for conversion box

Conversion box may be themed in a lighter or darker shade. Change in extension options.

The conversion box’s position may also be changed in options.

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New: autoConvert Select for Chrome & Firefox

Automattic unit conversion

For the wanderers, the readers, the chefs and bakers, the measuring, tinkering DIYers, and for anyone else who struggles to convert feet to cm, or ºC to ºF, or wonders how many grams is it when the recipe says a cup of sugar in the cake.

With autoConvert Select, just select the text you convert, and the conversion is right there in the corner of the browser. No clicking, no searching. Right there… automagically.

Select a value in metric units, say 16 km, and the conversion will be imperial (10 miles). Select a value in the old, imperial units, say 22ºF, and the conversion will be into metric (-5.6ºC).

That’s all, folks!

Get it here on Chrome and Firefox.

Please share your feedback, including suggestions and any bugs you find using this link.


  1. autoConvert Select only converts units. Unlike the older autoConvert for Chrome, it does not convert currencies yet. I am still looking for a free source for currency rates before I can provide currency conversion.
  2. autoConvert Select converts the first six values in a selection. You may have to select multiple times to see more conversion.
  3. autoConvert Select supports all websites – including the newer React based websites that the older extension used to hang on.

Word Counter – v. 2018.0824.0.6

Screen Shot 2018-08-24 at 18.33.27

Count box location

Move the the word count box to top or bottom right of the screen. Default is bottom-right. Change this in options.


  • If you like the extension, show it with a donation. Link in options, and here.
  • Word count box will now only appears when there’s at least one non-space character selected. Resolves the bug where it appeared when focusing on a cell in Google Sheets

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New: Word Counter extension for Chrome & Firefox

Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 16.41.54.png

I hate those web forms where they ask you to stay within a character or word limit, without giving a count of how many I have already typed.

I can’t remove the character limits on all the forms, but I can sure show how many characters, or words, have been used up.

Word Counter extension shows a simple count of characters and words in a corner of the screen.  As soon as you start typing in a text box1 on a web page, the extension will start showing a live count of words and characters in the box. You leave a text box, the count disappears, leaving the screen clean.

Bonus: Select some text on a page, and the Word Counter box will appear with count of words and charachters in the selected text.

That’s all, folks!

Get it here on Chrome and Firefox.

Please share any feedback, including feature suggestions and bug reports using this link.

  1. Doesn’t count in text fields that take passwords or numbers 

Clutter Free – v. 2018.0822.5.10

Setting: Ignore hash/fragments in URLs

Added an option to ignore hash/fragment sections in URLs when comparing for duplicates.

Enable this functionality in Options ⇒ Advanced Settings ⇒ Ignore Hash. It is disabled by default, and not recommended.

When enabled, two tabs with URLs: ‘‘ and ‘‘ will be considered duplicates and one of them closed. This is the expected behaviour if the fragment points to a section in the same page. However, in many modern web apps, the fragment may point to a different page that you may want to open separately. In this scenario, the ignore hash setting will wrongly close the second tab as duplicate.

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