WordCounter for Chrome—App to extension migration

New: WordCounter editor available in WordCounter Chrome extension

The WordCounter editor app is now available directly in the WordCounter chrome extension. Click on the extension button in the toolbar to open the editor. The editor is also available using they keyboard shortcut ‘Cmd/Ctrl + ​.‘, but this may require resetting if another extension is using this shortcut.

Key features of WordCounter editor:

  • Set word or character limit and it shows live count, including warning colour when close to the limit.
  • Optionally set a hard limit and the editor prevents typing beyond the word limit.
  • Markdown support
    • Write in markdown
    • Counts words in converted markdown, not base text
    • Use preview button (or ‘Cmd/Ctrl+r‘) to preview formatted markdown
  • Print content directly from editor


End of support for WordCounter Chrome app

Google has announced end of life for Chrome Apps. As a result the WordCounter Chrome app will not receive any more updates. It will stop working when Google ends support on your platform.

I request you to switch to the Chrome extension instead. The editor in WordCounter Chrome extension supports nearly all features1 of the app, and includes more useful features for word counts on the web.

WordCounter extension is available here.

  1. Chrome extensions do not have access to the computer’s file system. So the WordCounter extension cannot save files directly from the editor. 

WordCounter version

Print & Save markdown files

  • Ctrl/Cmd + P prints files as text/markdown when in editing mode, and as formatted html when in preview mode
  • Ctrl/Cmd + S saves files as markdown (.md) when Markdown editing is enabled

WordCounter version

New Feature: Keyboard shortcuts

  • F11 – Toggle fullscreen mode
  • Esc – Drop focus from writing area, or close full screen
  • Ctrl/Cmd + E – Switch to edit mode and focus on writing area
  • Ctrl/Cmd + R – Switch to Markdown preview
  • Ctrl/Cmd + , – Open Options pane
  • Ctrl/Cmd + P – Print text
  • Ctrl/Cmd + S – Save text to file

WordCounter version

Added simple printing & file saving actions

  • New Feature: Print text area contents using Ctrl+P / Cmd+P
  • New Feature: Save text area contents to file using Ctrl+S / Cmd+S