Todo.txt for Android: Early beta launch

Todo.txt app for Android (beta)

An early beta version of my Todo.txt app for Android is now available in the Play Store.

Please do give it a try, and share your feedback here.

Todo.txt Solo supports all core features of the todo.txt format (, and is fully compatible with the Todo.txt CLI and my Todo.txt Chrome extension.

The core functionality available at the moment includes:

  1. Sync with a todo.txt file stored in Dropbox
  2. Create, List, Search, Edit, Delete tasks
  3. Mark tasks complete & incomplete
  4. Add, remove or change due dates, priorities, projects, contexts, tags
  5. Filter task list by project, completed, incomplete, due status
  6. Task list sorting order:
    Incomplete > Priority > Due date > Created date

Extra feature:

  1. Home screen widget to show count of tasks
    • configure the widget to count tasks by project, due, and/or completion state


  1. Works on Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) or newer
  2. Requires a Dropbox account, syncs with todo.txt file stored in Dropbox
  3. Only English language supported (translation help welcome)
  4. The final version, when released, may require a subscription/payment for some features

Need beta testers for a new Todo.txt Android app

I’m developing a new Todo.txt app for Android devices, and need some beta testers to help with feedback on features, and bug discovery.

The app is still in development, and will initially support just the core feature set: create, edit, search for, and mark tasks complete/incomplete. It also has a home screen widget that shows pending tasks – all or for specific projects or contexts.

If you are interested in being a beta tester, and own an Android phone that runs Android Marshmallow (Android 6.0) or newer version, please fill in this form. I shall get in touch when the beta is open.