Todo.txt for Android & Chrome – Unified supporter status

Unified supporter status is coming soon (experimental)

Unified supporter status will enable access to Supporter features on both Todo.txt apps—Chrome and Android—as long as you have an active supporter subscription on either one.

No action is required by you. Both apps will automatically sync the existing and new subscriptions.

Privacy & data

To enable the unified supporter status, the app uploads a secure, irreversible hash of your email address and provider name (Dropbox or Google Drive), along with your subscription order id to a secure server. When you login to the Todo.txt app with same email address and file provider on another platform, the app will automatically sync your supporter status from the server, and provide full access to supporter features.

The email address is hashed inside the app before uploading to the server, so the server never sees the real email address, only its encrypted hash. The privacy statement is updated for these changes.

Please do get in touch using the in-app feedback form if you have any queries about this change.

Other details
  • Supporter sync only works when using Dropbox or Google Drive for syncing because local file syncing is not supported in the Chrome extension.
  • Supporter sync is only available to paying supporters. Syncing is not available for reward tokens.
  • There may be a delay of 24 hours after subscription before supporter features are available on the other app.
  • Supporter sync is only tested on official Chrome browser. It will probably not work if you are using another Chrome-based browser—Vivaldi, Edge, Brave, or others.
  • If you are a supporter but don’t see supporter access in the app, please contact me using the feedback form in the app where you joined as supporter.

Experimentally enabled from v 2020.608.8.34 of the Chrome extension, and v 2020.0608.4.3 of the Android app.

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Todo.txt for Chrome – App changing to Extension


Thank you for using Todo.txt App for Chrome

Google ends support for Chrome Apps

Google has announced end of support for Chrome Apps across all platforms, except ChromeOS.

This change has dramatically reduced the potential user base for the app. It also handicaps development of the app going forward, since I don’t own a Chromebook.

The Chrome app & extension will need other updates too. I plan to add support for syncing with Google Drive. And, Dropbox has announced end of support for their old API that the apps use, so I’ll need to update the apps to work with new API.

Considering these changes, I have decided to focus future development on the Todo.txt Chrome extension, and gradually end support for the Todo.txt Chrome App. I strongly request you to give the Todo.txt extension a try.

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Todo.txt App version 2016.1103.1.1

  • BUG FIX: @contexts and +projects must be at beginning of a task, or preceded by a space – do not parse email addresses as contexts
  • BUG FIX: Pressing ‘tab‘ to select a project/context produced multiple copies of the selected item.

Todo.txt App version

  • BUG FIX: Task parsing for Windows users – where refresh icon used to continue rotating, or show no tasks, but correct count.

Apologies for long delay in discovering and resolving this bug!

Todo.txt App version

Keyboard shortcut to change priority

  • New: Keyboard shortcut (p then az) to change priority of selected task
  • New: Keyboard shortcut (p then .) to remove priority from selected task
  • Update: Add F1 as keyboard shortcut to show help modal

Todo.txt App version

  • Update: Added ‘type ? for keyboard shortcuts’ to status bar
  • Update: Removed link from status bar
  • Bug Fix: Scrollbars not resizing smaller than a size when window was resized
  • Update: Min width 300px for window on launch

Todo.txt App version

  • Update: On open, app shows list of tasks only after sync is complete, even if there’s some stored locally.
  • Bug Fix: Show update notifications only if there’s a version change && showUpdateNotifications is true
  • Update: Replaced ‘eye’ thumbnail with ‘c306’ thumbnail