Clutter Free – v. 2017.0519.2.22

Key update: Resolved the bug that occasionally caused pages to continuously reload, due to automatic redirects (e.g. links on Twitter and Facebook).

Other Updates:

  1. Reduced the frequency of weekly Duplicates closed count notification.
    • Notification will only show if more than a minimum number of duplicates were closed during the week,
    • For donors, the notification is no longer sticky. It auto-disappears after a few seconds
    • Coming soon: Donors can disable the notification entirely.
  2. Bug Fix: Remove all duplicate tabs link in popup was adding new tabs! This is now resolved. My apologies to everyone for this.
  3. Aside: Updated the minimum supported Chrome version to 49
    • I needed some functionality that isn’t available in versions prior to v.49,
    • Current Chrome version is 58, and v.49 was released in March 2016 – so, hoping most users won’t be affected.

Clutter Free – v. 2017.0508.2.18

New: Added keyboard shortcut to move current tab to the last position in the window. Default shortcut is Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + X, and can be changed using the link in options.


  1. Show active keyboard shortcuts against actions in extension popup, and right-click menu,
  2. When extension is off, uses Chrome’s native duplicate functionality when creating duplicate tabs,
  3. Lighter colours in extension popup.

ClutterFree – v. 2017.0503.2.16

New: Added keyboard shortcuts for all common actions

  • Duplicate tab: Alt+Shift+D
  • Whitelist page: Ctrl/Command+Shift+L
  • Switch extension on/off: Ctrl+Shift+Y

Change, or remove these shortcuts using the link on ClutterFree’s options page.

ClutterFree version

  • New Feature: Close pre-existing duplicate tabs
    • from extension button pop-up, or right clicking on extension button, or
    • from notification displayed when switching extension from Off to On

ClutterFree version

  • New Feature: Show number of open tabs on extension button
    • Red/Green background indicates extension state as on/off, respectively.
  • Bug Fix: Weekly stats notification disappears after small delay, instead of displaying permanently.
  • Bug Fix: Webpages with different alphabet case ( vs https://C306.NET ) are now correctly detected as duplicates.

ClutterFree version

  • New Feature: Move activated tab to last in window
    • When a duplicate link is detected, the already open tab with that link is moved to last position in the window.
    • The feature is switched off by default, and can be selected from the extension’s settings screen.