Clutter Free – Attached window mode, window location & some bug fixes

Tab Search – Floating and attached window modes

Tab search window may now be opened in either of two modes:

  1. Floating window mode – This is the default behaviour. It provides full functionality of tab search and duplicates list.
  2. Attached window mode. This is equivalent to the old popup behaviour. The tab search popup appears next to extension button, and closes automatically when clicked anywhere outside it.

A few features are not supported in the attached window mode:

  1. Highlighted tab is not automatically focused in the browser. Pressing ‘enter‘ or clicking on a tab in the list switches to the selected tab, and closes the search window.
  2. Keyboard shortcuts to switch (‘Ctrl+Tab‘ and ‘Ctrl+Shift+Tab‘) between ‘Tab Search’, ‘Duplicate Tabs List’, and ‘Actions’ tabs in the popup window do not work .
  3. Keyboard shortcuts to jump (‘Ctrl+1/2/3‘) to ‘Tab Search’, ‘Duplicate Tabs List’, and ‘Actions’ tabs in the popup window may not work on Windows and Linux. They work as usual on macOS.

Switch popup behaviour between floating and attached window modes in options: Options​»Tab Search»Floating search window.

Toggle floating and attached window modes
Toggle floating and attached window modes in settings

Tab Search –  Floating window size and position

In floating window mode, Clutter Free now remembers the location and size of the window. When resized or moved around the screen, the window will next open in the same location and size.

Other updates

  1. Extension states – ‘on‘ and ‘off‘ – are now called ‘active mode‘ and ‘passive mode‘, respectively.
    This change better signals that even in off/passive state, the extension still detects duplicate tabs. It just does not automatically close them.
    In active mode, Clutter Free automatically closes detected duplicate tabs.
  2. Bug Fix: Closing two documents (or sheets or slides) from Google Drive ( sent one of the tabs in an infinite reload loop. This is now fixed.
    There is another unrelated bug with a similar reload loop with Drive documents when one is opened in a different window. It is still unfixed.

That’s all, folks!

Please share your feedback, including suggestions and any bugs you find using this link.

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Clutter Free – Dark mode in tab search (Supporters only)

If you are like me – dark theme system wide, and brightness and contrast turned low – then you may like this update.

A dark theme is now available in the tab search window. It applies consistently across all three tabs – search, duplicates and actions. The theme may be chosen on the options page, or quickly switched from the actions tab.

The dark theme is only available to supporters.

Other updates

  1. The direct switch indicator marks links that are already open in another tab. The indicator icon now takes a slightly darker shade on lighter pages, and a lighter shade on pages with dark backgrounds.
  2. Links in the footer – feedback, other apps, update notes – are gently highlighted when hovered.
  3. Bug fix – ‘Ignore hash’ setting had stopped working after the last update
  4. Potential bug fix – Updated some code to ensure multiple tab search windows do not open

That’s all, folks!

Please share your feedback, including suggestions and any bugs you find using this link.

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Clutter Free – List duplicate tabs, and duplicate indicator

Duplicate tabs indicator

A small red dot appears on the Clutter Free button when there are duplicate tabs open1.

The dot indicates that there are two extra menu options available in the popup, and in the context menu (right-clicking) of the Clutter Free button.

Duplicate tabs list

List of duplicate tabs open

The duplicate tabs list is currently only available to supporters. It will be available to all users from mid-January 2019.

See a list of duplicate tabs when the red duplicate indicator dot is on. This list may be opened from the duplicate tabs notification, Clutter Free button context menu, or the Clutter Free popup actions.

We may close individual tabs from the list by clicking the ‘ב button, or we may close all duplicates using the ‘Close all duplicate tabs‘ action on top. Hovering on the ‘Close all duplicate tabs’ action highlights the tabs that will be closed. Original tabs are marked with a tab layer icon on the left. Pinned tabs are also identified with a pin.

Keyboard actions available in the duplicate tabs list:

  • Up‘/’Down‘: Select previous/next tab in the list
  • Enter‘: Focus selected tab in the browser
  • Delete‘: Close selected tab
  • Esc‘: Clear selection
  • F1‘/’?‘: Show available keyboard shortcuts

Other updates

  • When more than one on-page context menus are available, they are grouped under a ‘Clutter Free’ menu – parent menu text shortened to just the extension name
  • Removed donation links from the extension
  • Removed some bugs

That’s all, folks!

Please share your feedback, including suggestions and any bugs you find using this link.

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Support Clutter Free – Join to support continued development

Do you like Clutter Free? Show its value by joining to become a supporter.

Becoming a supporter helps fund continued maintenance and development of the extension. It also helps me determine if there is a genuine value being delivered by Clutter Free, and direct focus on requests from supporting users.

There are three levels of supporter memberships available:

    1. Supporter ($1.49 / £0.99 / €0.99 – a month)
    2. Promoter ($2.99 / £2.99 / €2.99 – a month)
    3. Patron ($7.99 / £5.99 / €6.99 – a month)

Please pick a supporter level that reflects both your ability to pay, and how useful you find Clutter Free.

There are no supporter-only features at the moment. However, some of the upcoming features will launch as supporter-first or supporter only.

All supporter features will be available across all supporter levels – no discrimination based on ability to support. All current features (end of November 2018) will always remain free and available to all users.

Some upcoming features:

  1. Duplicate tab lists – See all open duplicate tabs in a popup window (Update: now available)
    • Choose which duplicates to close, or
    • Let Clutter Free close all duplicates
  2. Duplicate indicator – extension icon shows a red dot when duplicate tabs are present (disabled state)
  3. Disappear – clean up forgotten tabs

Most of these will launch for supporters first, and may later be rolled out to all users.

Please share your feedback, including suggestions and any bugs you find using this link.

That’s all, folks!

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Clutter Free – In-tab notifications, better notification controls, and reopen duplicate tab

Notifications upgrades

New notification style

The new notification style shows notifications inside the browser. They appear in the bottom right of the webpages, and make access to notification actions easily available.

Some other features:

  • Notifications auto-dismiss after a short delay,
    • Informational notifications (e.g. URL whitelisted) disappear quickly — 15/30s
    • Actionable notifications (e.g. Duplicate closed in background) stay longer — 60s
  • Notifications don’t clutter the desktop notification center, nor trigger the notification sound, and
  • Notifications have pertinent action buttons directly accessible across all OSes.

All notifications may be dismissed directly by using the staggered lines (☰) icon on top left of the notifications.

Notification settings are directly accessible from the gear icon (⚙) on top right of the notifications

Notification settings

Notification settings have been updated to provide finer control over notifications.

Screenshot 2018-11-22 at 13.01.25
Updated notification settings

Define notification style to use for each kind of notification – the new ClutterFree style, or the default Chrome notifications. Individual notifications may also be switched off individually.

Theme for the ClutterFree notifications – dark or light – may also be switched from settings.

New: Notify when a duplicate tab, to be opened in the background is prevented.

When a new duplicate tab is opened in the background – by using ‘Open in new tab’ action or Ctrl/Cmd-click – ClutterFree will close the tab and notify on the screen.

The two actions on this notification allow to switch to the previously open tab, or force open the duplicate (for when you really want a duplicate).

This notification is only available as an in-browser notification.

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Clutter Free – v. 2018.0822.5.10

Setting: Ignore hash/fragments in URLs

Added an option to ignore hash/fragment sections in URLs when comparing for duplicates.

Enable this functionality in Options ⇒ Advanced Settings ⇒ Ignore Hash. It is disabled by default, and not recommended.

When enabled, two tabs with URLs: ‘‘ and ‘‘ will be considered duplicates and one of them closed. This is the expected behaviour if the fragment points to a section in the same page. However, in many modern web apps, the fragment may point to a different page that you may want to open separately. In this scenario, the ignore hash setting will wrongly close the second tab as duplicate.

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Clutter Free – Google Analytics removed

ver. 2018.0531.5.9

Google Analytics completely removed

Clutter Free used Google Analytics to track which settings and functions were being used – to help focus developer attention on what was being used.

I have now completely removed all analytics tracking from the extension. The extension now does not use any network requests, ensuring any user data stays on the computer.

This also means that I shall have no insight into features that are popular, or broken. So, please share your views using the feedback link in the extension (or by going here).
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Introducing: Quick tab search from address bar

Clutter Free - Quick tab search from address bar / omnibox

Clutter Free - Quick tab search from address bar / omnibox

Tab search from the address bar

Just type ‘cf‘ followed by space (or tab), and type in your search term.

The search results are updated as you type. Selecting a suggestion in the list switches to that tab.


  1. Quick tab search looks for keywords in open URLs, and website titles, across all open windows
  2. Search results list pinned tabs at the top, and newer tabs before older tabs
  3. Clutter Free can start a Google search for the search keywords, if no matching open tabs are found

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Clutter Free – v. 2018.102.5.0

Minor updates

  1. The weekly stats notification now automatically disappears after a short delay. Don’t need to explicitly dismiss it.
  2. In quick switch popup, if only one tab is visible in filtered list, pressing ‘enter‘ switches to the tab. Don’t need to select the tab in the list before switching.
  3. In quick switch popup, internal chrome and extension tabs are shown as ‘chrome://abc‘ instead of just ‘abc‘.

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