AcceleReader version

Can specify custom reading speed

  • New Feature: Custom reading speed
  • Update: Filter tab location to be fixed, so its always visible even when scrolling
  • New Feature: If offline, turn badge bgcolor grey, show remaining wait time on hover

AcceleReader – tagging, history chart & beta support

It’s been a good few days of updating all my Chrome projects with various upgrades, and bug fixes. Here’s a quick review of the updates to AcceleReader – one of the newest in my collection.

Update 1 – For the taggers

AcceleReader - Add tags from notification
AcceleReader – Add tags from notification

Add tags to articles from article-added notification when you add them to your Pocket list. The ‘Add Tags’ link in notification opens a pop-up to add tags to that article.

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AcceleReader version

  • New Feature: Display Reading Stats as a graph, linked through options & browser button context menu
  • New Feature: Add context menu to browser button to show popup options directly
  • Update: Check if using Pocket Beta, every time is opened
  • Bug Fix: Not adding tags for already added articles
  • Bug Fix: Loads of bugs from previous update
  • Bug Fix: Set default usingBeta false

AcceleReader version

Shows a cleaner tag list view

  • New Feature: Show counts of articles against tags in tag list on /queue
  • New Feature: Only show tags with >0 articles in tags list
  • Options: Checkbox to ask if using beta (handle links accordingly)
  • Update: On incoming items, update time-tags if incoming word_count is different from local item’s word_count
  • Update: ‘background’ true by default

AcceleReader version

Add tags from notification

  • New Feature: Add tags field inside add-to-pocket notification (buttons for ‘Add tags’ & ‘Read now’)
  • Update: Adding tags for offline_adds
  • Update: Tag list from nav menu on getpocket/queue doesn’t show time tags anymore 🙂
  • Bug Fix: Sync Offline list on poller alarm if there’s offline items. If not, do refreshlist

Filter articles in Pocket by length & age

Filtering articles in Pocket, powered by AcceleReader
Filtering articles in Pocket, powered by AcceleReader

I’m happy to announce that the latest update of AcceleReader for Chrome brings article filtering to Pocket.

Articles may be filtered by age or length:

  • By length1, articles can be filtered as Quick Reads (<4 mins), Medium (4-8 mins) and Long Reads (>8 mins)
  • By age2, the articles can be filtered as Fresh (< 1 week), Ripe (1-2 weeks), Ageing (2-4 weeks), and Old (>4 weeks)

The filtering interface is brought up by:

  • clicking on the total time displayed on top left, or
  • by pressing the key ‘.’ (Period).

It can be dismissed in the same manner, or by clicking anywhere on the page.

After reading-time tags for mobile, this is the second big feature I’ve been enjoying using myself, and hope other users like it as well!

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AcceleReader version

Article filtering by age and reading time

  • New Feature: Filter on page list by reading time or age of article
  • New Feature: Keyboard shortcut to show filter pane – ‘.’
  • Update: Down arrow key to indicate filter dropdown
  • Update: Background permission
  • Bug Fix: Handling user token limit errors
  • Bug Fix: NaN tags – for items not previously scanned by Pocket
  • Bug Fix: Notification errors on Add (type, iconUrl, title and message) – for items not previously scanned by Pocket

Article reading time in Pocket’s smartphone apps

Accele-reader - Power up your Pocket experience

I’m a heavy Pocket user, and a big fan of the service and their apps. However, lately I’d been feeling that Pocket had become more a never-again-opened archive of ‘articles I found interesting’ rather than ‘articles to read later’. My Pocket was bulging with loads of articles from years past by, many outdated, others irrelevant, a few real gems hidden under the tons of hay. It was time to act to save my beloved Pocket1.

After a bit of further study, and borrowing from the maxim – you improve what you measure – I decided that I needed two extra features:

  • Count of unread articles in my Pocket, and
  • Estimated reading time for each article.

Not finding anything on Chrome Webstore, or Android Play Store, that covered both these points in a single app, I decided to get my own hands dirty.

Last December I started work on Accele-reader for Chrome (formerly Pocket Plus). The target was to add to Pocket the few features that I’d been wanting for a long time (but were too trivial/off-focus for the product team at Pocket to develop):

  • Unread article count,
  • Estimated reading time for articles,
  • Trello-like article ageing,
  • Offline add-to-Pocket, and
  • Read a random article (from my then *huge* Pocket list)

Accele-reader was, for my own use, a big success. Article counts, offline adds, and random articles were a bonus, but colour-coded reading time estimates were a big, big win!

However, with the good came the bad – the reading time feature was so good, that I desperately started missing it on the phone app2. A number of users also wrote in asking if I could somehow provide the article reading times on the mobile apps as well. I wasn’t alone.

Last week, another user – Konstantin – wrote in with the suggestion of a clever work-around. And here it is – reading time estimates for articles, now in your Pocket phone and tablet apps!

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