AcceleReader for Pocket – v. 2017.619.1.32

Minor updates

  1. Started saving history of total words for adding word history (and reading time) charts in future.
  2. Added article count to the My List link on the Pocket website.
  3. Updated Options:
    1. Reorganised options page into different sections,
    2. Keyboard shortcuts section now shows actual enabled shortcuts, not default ones,
    3. When logging-in, or out, a spinner shows the status of the action underway

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AcceleReader version

Shows video duration if item is video, instead of article

  • New Feature: Added support for adding time for YouTube videos
  • New Feature: Added support for adding time for Vimeo videos
  • Update: If word_count === 0 & video time is available, show video strip icon, instead of clock icon
  • Bug Fix: Tags with space (or other escaped charachters) not displaying in tag list
  • Bug Fix: Extension goes into ratelimit wait period on browser start