AR\Instapaper, version 2016.1202.1.3

API Integration…

  • Options page – sign-in to (and sign-out from) Instapaper
  • In background:
    • Verify access token, and fetch user details
    • Fetch unread article list
    • Refresh unread count periodically
    • Save user folder list, and article counts against each folder
  • Show unread article count on button
  • Show article count against each folder on list page

AR\Instapaper, version 2016.1128.0.17

Minor updates, pre API integration

  • Updates to folder lists in side bar:
    • Show folder number for first 9 user folders (to aid with ‘g+1..9‘ shortcut)
    • Added tooltip, showing keyboard shortcut, to all system, and user folders in sidebar
    • Bug Fix: Last folder in user folder list wasn’t accessible via keyboard shortcuts
  • Update: Open original article ('o') on new page, when pressing ‘o’ on /reads

AR\Instapaper, version 2016.1122.0.15

Keyboard shortcuts, continued…

  • On all pages:
    • ?‘ or ‘F1‘ to see list of all keyboard shortcuts; ‘?‘, ‘ F1‘, or ‘esc‘ to hide
    • l‘ or ‘f‘ to like (or favourite) an article
    • g+n‘ to go to notes/highlights page
    • x‘ to select/unselect an article in a list for bulk editing
    • esc‘ in search form returns keyboard control to the page
    • esc‘ closes active popovers
  • On article reading page:
    • o‘ to open article on original website
    • v + l/s/g/d‘ to switch theme to light, sepia, grey, or dark, respectively
    • g + h/l/a/v/n‘ to go to home, liked, archived, videos, or notes/highlights lists, respectively
  • On notes & highlights list page
    • Improved presentation of highlights – added leading quote, and changed font size to differentiate.
    • Added shortcuts:
      • up/down/j/k‘ to traverse list,
      • enter‘ to read,
      • o‘ to open original,
      • v+l/s/g/d‘ to change theme,
      • /‘ to search, and
      • g + h/a/l/v/b/1..9‘ to go to folder
  • On search results page:
    • up/down/k/j‘ to traverse up/down the search results list
    • enter‘ to read selected article
    • o‘ to open article on original website
  • Bug Fix: ‘up/k‘ wasn’t working without a previously selected article

AR\Instapaper, version 2016.1121.0.10

Keyboard shortcuts, continued…

  • Added shortcuts to search page – traverse (up,down,j,k), read (enter), and open original (o)
  • Added shortcuts to notes/highlights page – traverse (up,down,j,k), read (enter), and open original (o)
  • Other new shortcuts:
    • esc in search form returns keyboard control to the page
    • 'l' from like, in addition to 'f' from favourite
    • 'g+n'to go to notes/highlights page
    • 'x' to select/unselect an article in bulk edit mode, on home/article list
  • Bug Fix: 'up/k' wasn’t working with a previously selected article

AR\Instapaper, version 2016.1119.0.9

Keyboard shortcuts, continued…

  • Added keyboard shortcuts to navigate between Instapaper folders:
    • g + h to go to Home
    • g + l/f to go to Liked/Favourites
    • g + a to go to Archived
    • g + v to go to Videos
    • g + b to Browse suggested articles
    • g + 1-9 to go to your custom folders
    • g + o to open Settings/Options

AR\Instapaper, version 2016.1119.0.8

Keyboard shortcuts, continued…

  • New keyboard shortcuts on article list page:
    • 'm' to open Move to folder popover
    • 's' to open Share article popover
    • When either popover is open,
      • 'up/down' traverse through the list of folders/sharing-options,
      • 'enter' selects the currently highlighted option, and
      • 'esc' cancels the action, and closes the popover
    • 's' or ‘/' to focus on search field
    • Added 'e' as additional shortcut for archive article, alongside 'a', for compatibility with Gmail shortcuts
  • Added article highlight colours for sepia, grey, and dark themes
  • Added target="_blank" to all ‘Share by email’ and ‘Open original article’ links, so they open in a new tab
  • Bug Fix: When scrolling to top article on a page, scroll to page-top (0,0), to ensure part of article listing is not hidden under the search bar

AR\Instapaper, version 2016.1117.0.5

Keyboard shortcuts, continued…

  • New keyboard shortcuts on article list page:
    • Press down/j to focus on next article (when at last article on page, go to next page)
    • Press up/k to focus on previous article (when at first article on page, go to previous page)
    • Press enter to read highlighted article
    • Press o to open highlighted article’s original website in a new tab
    • Press a to archive highlighted article
    • Press f to favourite highlighted article
    • Press # to delete highlighted article
    • Press v + w/s/g/b to change theme to – white(w/l), sepia(s), grey(g), black(d/b)
    • Press m to move highlighted article to folder
    • Press s to share highlighted article
  • New keyboard shortcuts on article reading page:
    • Press # to delete article
    • Press m to move article to folder
    • Press s to share article
    • Press a to archive article
    • Press f to favourite article
  • On article reading page, when share/move popover is displayed,
    • up/down keys select items (folders/share options) in list,
    • enter selects highlighted folder/share option to use, and
    • esc dismisses popover
  • UPDATE: Global keyboard shortcuts – changed:
    • Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+S to save to list, alongside Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+A
    • Ctrl/Cmd+Shift+L to open list
  • UPDATE: No compact view on notes/highlights page