Clutter Free – advanced URL matching


Advanced URL matching section provides two options for tweaking duplicate tab matching—ignore hash/fragment and ignore query/search.

Ignore hash and ignore query are now out of experimental features, and available to all users. However, please use these with caution as they may cause closing of non-duplicate tabs with similar URLs but different hash or query segments.

Ignore hash and query only on selected websites

There are some valid use cases for ignoring hash and query. For example, Google Sheets uses same URL but different hash for different sheets within the same spreadsheet. Enabling ignore hash will prevent opening multiple copies of the same spreadsheet on different tabs.

The new feature allows enabling ignore hash and ignore query only on selected websites. This is a much safer way than applying it for all websites.

The ignore setting is applied to the provided URL and its sub-paths. So, adding ‘‘ will apply the setting for all Google Sheets. Similarly, applying ignore query for ‘www‘ will prevent opening multiple Amazon search tabs, even for different products (if you so desire).

As this is an advanced feature, it is available only to supporters at the moment.


  • Update: URL matching for detecting duplicates is now case sensitive.
  • Bug fix: Some notification texts were garbled after the last update.
  • Update: Summary of changes is now available in-extension, accessible from options page as ‘Update notes‘.

That’s all, folks!

Please share your feedback, including suggestions and any bugs you find using the feedback link on tab search or the options page.

Do you like Clutter Free? Please become a supporter to help support its continued development.

v. 8.22.14

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Clutter Free – list and close other tabs from same website

List or close other tabs from current domain—right-click menu

New action: List other tabs from the same website

It does what it says: opens tab search window to display all other open tabs for current website. This action works on the sub domain level (same as the domain blocklist). This means that ‘‘,  and ‘‘ are treated as separate websites.

This action may be triggered using the right-click menu or (for supporters) a keyboard shortcut. The keyboard shortcut and right-click menu only work if Floating search window setting is enabled.

This action may also be triggered from inside the tab search page by clicking the website search button on a tab item (screenshot below).

Search for all tabs from this website
Search for all tabs from this website


New action: Close other tabs from the same website

This action is available to supporters only.

List or close other tabs from current domain—keyboard shortcuts
Custom keyboard shortcut: close other tabs from current domain

Triggering this action searches for and closes all other tabs from the same website as the current tab. This is equivalent to manually triggering the domain blocklist on the current domain.

The action may be triggered using a keyboard shortcut or the right-click menu.

That’s all, folks!

Please share your feedback, including suggestions and any bugs you find using the feedback link on tab search or the options page.

Do you like Clutter Free? Please become a supporter to help support its continued development.

v. 8.21.4

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Clutter Free – customise keyboard shortcut actions


Customisable keyboard shortcut actions

Supporters can now assign custom actions for up to five keyboard shortcuts. Currently supported keyboard actions are:

  1. Open tab search window¹
  2. Show list of duplicate tabs¹
  3. Duplicate current tab
  4. Close all duplicate tabs
  5. Toggle between active and passive modes
  6. Add current webpage URL or domain to allow/block list
  7. Add current webpage domain to domain block-list²
  8. Pin or un-pin current tab
  9. Suspend or un-suspend current tab³
  10. Move current tab to first or last position in current Chrome window
  11. Open Clutter Free options page
  12. Open Chrome settings page

I may add more options for keyboard shortcut actions to support any new features or based on feedback suggestions. So please share your feedback using the feedback button on tab search or the options page.

For non-supporters, the original set of keyboard actions continue to be available:

  1. Duplicate current tab
  2. Toggle between active and passive modes
  3. Add current webpage URL to allow/block list
  4. Move current tab to last position in current Chrome window
  5. Add current webpage domain to allow/block list

Other updates

  • Minor updates to notifications and tab search screen

That’s all, folks!

Please share your feedback, including suggestions and any bugs you find using the feedback link on tab search or the options page.

Do you like Clutter Free? Please help support its continued development by becoming a supporter.

v. 8.20.8

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Clutter Free – more tab actions, and ‘ignore query’

Screenshot 2020-07-07 at 17.56.19.png

More tab actions—pin and move in window

New tab actions added to tab search window:

  1. Move tab to first position in its window (after pinned tabs, if any),
  2. Move tab to the last position in its window
  3. Pin or un-pin tabs (supporters only)

This is in addition to previous tab actions:

  1. Duplicate tabs
  2. Add tab to allow/block list
  3. Add tab’s domain to allow/block list
  4. Suspend or un-suspend tab (supporters only)
  5. Open tab in a new window

Tabs can also be pinned/un-pinned using the keyboard shortcut ‘p‘.

New search keyword—pinned tabs

Use ‘is:pinned‘ to search only pinned tabs. ‘-is:pinned‘ searches only in unpinned tabs.

This keyword may be used together with regular search words and the ‘is:suspended‘ keyword.

New: Copy tabs to clipboard

Use the copy button, next to the tab count, in tab search window to copy tabs to clipboard.

  • Copies tab title and URL
  • Copies tabs filtered in tabs list
  • For suspended tabs, the original URL is copied

Use the setting on options page to specify the format of copied text—plain text, Markdown, or URLs only.

New: Ignore query when comparing duplicates

Screenshot 2020-07-07 at 18.15.27.png

‘Ignore query’ option is now available as an experimental option (bottom of options page). When enabled, the query portion of the URL is ignore when preventing duplicates. E.g. ‘‘ and ‘‘ will appear as duplicates.

Enabling this setting may cause unexpected behaviour on many sites. Using the query parameter to refer to distinct content is a common web practice.

Other updates

  • Suspend tab button is disabled for chrome:// and chrome-extension:// tabs as these can’t be suspended by The Great Suspender
  • Bug fix: Selected tab lost focus after an action in tab search
  • delete, home, end, and enter keys were not working in filter text input field

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Clutter Free – suspend and unsuspend tabs

Suspend, unsuspend and search suspended tabs

Suspend and un-suspend tabs

When The Great Suspender is detected as installed, the tab search window will show an additional tab action—to suspend a tab, or to activate a suspended tab.

Additionally, search for suspended tabs with ‘is:suspended’ tag in search. Search for active tabs with ‘-is:suspended​’. These tags can be combined with other keywords, e.g. ‘amazon is:suspended’ to search for suspended amazon tabs.

Suspended tabs are shown with a dull grey background.

Keyboard shortcut

Keyboard shortcuts to suspend and unsuspend tab

Finally, the selected tab may also be suspended using the keyboard shortcut ‘s‘ and unsuspended with keyboard shortcut ‘u‘.

This feature is only available to supporters using The Great Suspender extension.

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Clutter Free – allow list and block list

Screenshot 2020-07-03 at 13.54.25

Allow and block lists

Clutter Free now supports two modes of controlling which sites and pages are allowed to have duplicates:

Allow list
When the allow list is used, Clutter Free will prevent duplicates of all pages, except those in the allow list.

Block list
When the block list is used, Clutter Free will prevent duplicates only for pages and domains specified in the block list. All other websites and pages will be allowed to have duplicates.

The old whitelist feature is replaced by the allow and block lists. The whitelist entries have been added to the allow list, and allow list is enabled by default.

Domain block list

The domain block list provides an even stricter control over tabs from specific domains. Only one tab is allowed for any domains listed in the domain block list.

Screenshot 2020-07-03 at 13.54.53

The domain block list considers subdomains, other than www., as separate from the parent domain and each other. E.g. blocking ‘‘ will prevent opening multiple Gmail tabs, but won’t prevent opening Google Sheets or Search in another tab.

The domain block list also over-rules the allow and block lists. If the same domain is in both lists, the domain block list takes priority.

The domain block list is now a supporter-only feature. Non-supporters who have it enabled at the time of this change will still be able to use it.

Bug Fixes and other updates

  1. Update: Faster switching of tabs on selection in tab search window.
  2. Bug Fix: Domains were not being added to allow list (prev. whitelist).

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Todo.txt for Android & Chrome – Unified supporter status

Unified supporter status is coming soon (experimental)

Unified supporter status will enable access to Supporter features on both Todo.txt apps—Chrome and Android—as long as you have an active supporter subscription on either one.

No action is required by you. Both apps will automatically sync the existing and new subscriptions.

Privacy & data

To enable the unified supporter status, the app uploads a secure, irreversible hash of your email address and provider name (Dropbox or Google Drive), along with your subscription order id to a secure server. When you login to the Todo.txt app with same email address and file provider on another platform, the app will automatically sync your supporter status from the server, and provide full access to supporter features.

The email address is hashed inside the app before uploading to the server, so the server never sees the real email address, only its encrypted hash. The privacy statement is updated for these changes.

Please do get in touch using the in-app feedback form if you have any queries about this change.

Other details
  • Supporter sync only works when using Dropbox or Google Drive for syncing because local file syncing is not supported in the Chrome extension.
  • Supporter sync is only available to paying supporters. Syncing is not available for reward tokens.
  • There may be a delay of 24 hours after subscription before supporter features are available on the other app.
  • Supporter sync is only tested on official Chrome browser. It will probably not work if you are using another Chrome-based browser—Vivaldi, Edge, Brave, or others.
  • If you are a supporter but don’t see supporter access in the app, please contact me using the feedback form in the app where you joined as supporter.

Experimentally enabled from v 2020.608.8.34 of the Chrome extension, and v 2020.0608.4.3 of the Android app.

Get Todo.txt for Android on the Play Store

Get Todo.txt for Chrome on the Chrome Web Store

Todo.txt for Chrome – Problems in Dropbox integration

UPDATE (17 Apr 2020, 15:00 BST)

The updated version of the extension (v. 8.32.9) with the bug fix is now available in the Chrome Web Store. Chrome will auto-update the extension in a few hours, or you may force a manual update to update immediately.

Original post:

There is a bug in the current published version (v. 8.31.17) of Todo.txt for Chrome that affects Dropbox integration. Login and syncing with Dropbox is broken because of this bug. Syncing with Google Drive is unaffected.

I have already submitted an update with the bug fix (v. 8.32.9).

Screenshot 2020-04-16 at 16.40.32.png

However, due to new processes and covid19 related delays, the extensions review team and Google currently takes anywhere from 2-21 days to approve updates.

I am sorry about this issue. Hopefully, the update will get approved and rolled out quickly. I will update this post when the update is available. Continue reading “Todo.txt for Chrome – Problems in Dropbox integration”

Pastel new tab – automatic dark mode


Automatic dark mode

Pastel new tab now supports automatic dark mode. When enabled, the new tab page shows a subdued dark screen in dark mode, and a regular pastel tab in light mode.

‘System theme’ and ‘Go dark’ buttons

System dark mode is supported by Chrome on Mac OS 10.14+ and Windows 10+. Dark mode may also be applied directly (‘Go dark’ button) if your operating system doesn’t support system-wide dark mode.

Add custom colours

Add custom colours

Add your favourite colours to the new tab page. Use the ‘Set custom colour (+)’ button to add a new colour. The selected colour is saved to grid of all colours, and set as current pinned colour.

Top site icons

Top sites with site icons

Pastel new tab now shows site icons along with titles when top sites are enabled.

This change requires additional permission to access site icons, so may require you to re-enable the extension.

That’s all, folks!

Please share your feedback, suggestions and any bugs you find using this link.

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WordCounter for Chrome—App to extension migration

New: WordCounter editor available in WordCounter Chrome extension

The WordCounter editor app is now available directly in the WordCounter chrome extension. Click on the extension button in the toolbar to open the editor. The editor is also available using they keyboard shortcut ‘Cmd/Ctrl + ​.‘, but this may require resetting if another extension is using this shortcut.

Key features of WordCounter editor:

  • Set word or character limit and it shows live count, including warning colour when close to the limit.
  • Optionally set a hard limit and the editor prevents typing beyond the word limit.
  • Markdown support
    • Write in markdown
    • Counts words in converted markdown, not base text
    • Use preview button (or ‘Cmd/Ctrl+r‘) to preview formatted markdown
  • Print content directly from editor


End of support for WordCounter Chrome app

Google has announced end of life for Chrome Apps. As a result the WordCounter Chrome app will not receive any more updates. It will stop working when Google ends support on your platform.

I request you to switch to the Chrome extension instead. The editor in WordCounter Chrome extension supports nearly all features1 of the app, and includes more useful features for word counts on the web.

WordCounter extension is available here.

  1. Chrome extensions do not have access to the computer’s file system. So the WordCounter extension cannot save files directly from the editor.