Todo.txt for Chrome – Unified supporter status


Supporter features on Todo.txt for Android

Supporters of Todo.txt for Chrome can now also access supporter features in the Todo.txt Android app.

Most new subscriptions should be automatically synced with the server. For older subscribers, or if subscription doesn’t auto sync, please provider your order number on the Options screen.

Provide order number to enable subscription sync

Once the order id has been provided, the subscription may show as ‘pending verification’. Once the server has verified the subscription (may take up to 24 hours), the subscription will show as ready to use on Android.

No additional action is required in the Android app. Sign-in using the same Dropbox/Google Drive account on Android, and the app will automatically enable all supporter features.

Privacy & data

To enable the unified supporter status, the extension uploads a secure, irreversible hash of your email address and provider name (Dropbox or Google Drive), along with your subscription order id to a secure server. When you login to the Todo.txt app with same email address and file provider on Android, the app will automatically sync your supporter status from the server, and provide full access to supporter features.

The email address is hashed inside the app before uploading to the server, so the server never sees the real email address, only its encrypted, salted hash. The privacy statement has been updated for these changes.

Please get in touch using the in-app feedback form if you have any queries about this change.

Other details
  • Supporter sync is only available to paying supporters. Syncing is not available for reward tokens.
  • There may be a delay of 24 hours after subscription before supporter features are available on the other app.
  • Supporter sync is only tested on official Chrome browser. It will probably not work if you are using another Chrome-based browser—Vivaldi, Edge, Brave, or others.
  • If you are a supporter but don’t see supporter access in the app, please contact me using the feedback form in the app where you joined as supporter.

ver 2020.814.9.4

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