AutoConvert Select—Kelvin, Quarts and more..

New: Show both conversions with unit names for units with ambiguous names

Some unit names can represent different units, and conversion factors, depending on context. AutoConvert now converts these unit names as both their equivalent units. In such conversions, the assumed name of the original unit is shown under the conversion.

Units covered under this rule are:

  1. Gallons – converts as US gallon and Imperial gallon
  2. Quarts – converts as US quart and Imperial quart
  3. Ounce – converts as ounce (mass) and fluid ounce (volume)
  4. Ton – converts as US ton and Imperial ton
  5. Barrel – converts as US fluid barrel and US oil barrel


New Units


Added support for converting temperatures to and from Kelvin.


Added support for converting Quarts to both Imperial and US quart measures.

Update to app architecture

Updated the app architecture to fetch conversion rules and details from my server. Earlier these were packed inside the app code.

This change allows me to do small updates, including adding support for new units, currencies, etc, without needing to update the app. This may result in faster updates and changes in future.

Due to this change, the app will need to download the rules at least once on install, and on upgrade to the latest version. If this doesn’t work, please contact me using the feedback link in the app.

Bug fixes

  • Conversions to cm², , etc. didn’t display the exponent (2, 3, …) correctly. Fixed.
  • Conversions from in cu and in sq didn’t work. Fixed.
  • Time zone conversion used to pick up incorrect values when converting as time range. Fixed.
  • Light years now converts to both kilometres and miles


That’s all, folks!

v. 2020.0820.0.52

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