AutoConvert Select—time range, European number format, system dark theme..

New: Time conversion updates


Time range conversion

AutoConvert now supports converting time zone for a range of time. Values in a time ranges may be separated by a dash or to. Each time value may also specify a different date.

Relative time

Time zone conversion also shows relative time from now, e.g. in an hour.

Time now

AutoConvert window always shows current time in all your time zones. For non-supporters, the time in current/home time zone is displayed.

Reorder your time zones

Reorder your time zones on the options page by dragging and dropping them to show in your preferred order.


New: Support for system dark mode

AutoConvert now supports system light and dark modes where supported by Chrome—currently on Windows and macOS. Extension window theming is only available to supporters at the moment.


New: Currency conversion upgrades


European number formats

Currency conversion recognises European number format (comma as decimal marker, period as thousands separator) for conversion. Conversion of values when space is used as separator works only when decimal digits are also specified.

Scale large value names—trillions, billions, and millions

AutoConvert now automatically scales values specified in trillions, billions and millions to show the appropriate output value.


Currency conversions are usually rounded to two decimal places. But if the converted value is less than 0.01, AutoConvert now shows as many digits as required to show a non-zero value.


  • Conversions to yard will now also show converted values in feet.
  • *F and *C will be converted as Fahrenheit and Celsius, respectively.
  • Two single quotes, '', will be converted as inches, not as feet.

Update to app architecture

Updated app architecture to support upcoming changes to Chrome extensions APIs. These changes also make the extension lighter, though they may adversely impact the speed of first conversion.


Bug fixes

  • Supporter subscription did not update sometimes. Fixed.
  • Changes to some settings did not apply till browser was restarted. Fixed.
  • Certain unit and currency conversions displayed incorrect decimal digits. Fixed.


That’s all, folks!

v. 2020.0511.0.50

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