Pastel new tab – automatic dark mode


Automatic dark mode

Pastel new tab now supports automatic dark mode. When enabled, the new tab page shows a subdued dark screen in dark mode, and a regular pastel tab in light mode.

‘System theme’ and ‘Go dark’ buttons

System dark mode is supported by Chrome on Mac OS 10.14+ and Windows 10+. Dark mode may also be applied directly (‘Go dark’ button) if your operating system doesn’t support system-wide dark mode.

Add custom colours

Add custom colours

Add your favourite colours to the new tab page. Use the ‘Set custom colour (+)’ button to add a new colour. The selected colour is saved to grid of all colours, and set as current pinned colour.

Top site icons

Top sites with site icons

Pastel new tab now shows site icons along with titles when top sites are enabled.

This change requires additional permission to access site icons, so may require you to re-enable the extension.

That’s all, folks!

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v. 1.10.4+

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