AutoConvert Select—Currency conversion updates


Exchange rate link

Clicking on the exchange rate displayed in currency conversion now opens the live exchange rate on Google.

Full currency name

Full original currency name is displayed in the conversion. This is useful when converting from unfamiliar currencies, or when source currency can be ambiguous like ‘dollar‘.

Exchange rate update time

Hovering on the currency exchange rate in a conversion shows a tooltip indicating how long ago the rate was updated. The colour of the exchange rate text—green, amber or red—also indicates its freshness.


Other updates

  • Text in extension window is now pinned by default.
  • Added alternate currency abbreviations for some Scandinavian currencies:
    • Norwegian Krone: NKR and NOK
    • Danish Krone: DKR and DKK
    • Swedish Krone: SKR and SEK
    • Icelandic Krone: IKR and ISK


That’s all, folks!

v. 2019.0226.0.33

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