Clutter Free – Attached window mode, window location & some bug fixes

Tab Search – Floating and attached window modes

Tab search window may now be opened in either of two modes:

  1. Floating window mode – This is the default behaviour. It provides full functionality of tab search and duplicates list.
  2. Attached window mode. This is equivalent to the old popup behaviour. The tab search popup appears next to extension button, and closes automatically when clicked anywhere outside it.

A few features are not supported in the attached window mode:

  1. Highlighted tab is not automatically focused in the browser. Pressing ‘enter‘ or clicking on a tab in the list switches to the selected tab, and closes the search window.
  2. Keyboard shortcuts to switch (‘Ctrl+Tab‘ and ‘Ctrl+Shift+Tab‘) between ‘Tab Search’, ‘Duplicate Tabs List’, and ‘Actions’ tabs in the popup window do not work .
  3. Keyboard shortcuts to jump (‘Ctrl+1/2/3‘) to ‘Tab Search’, ‘Duplicate Tabs List’, and ‘Actions’ tabs in the popup window may not work on Windows and Linux. They work as usual on macOS.

Switch popup behaviour between floating and attached window modes in options: Options​»Tab Search»Floating search window.

Toggle floating and attached window modes
Toggle floating and attached window modes in settings

Tab Search –  Floating window size and position

In floating window mode, Clutter Free now remembers the location and size of the window. When resized or moved around the screen, the window will next open in the same location and size.

Other updates

  1. Extension states – ‘on‘ and ‘off‘ – are now called ‘active mode‘ and ‘passive mode‘, respectively.
    This change better signals that even in off/passive state, the extension still detects duplicate tabs. It just does not automatically close them.
    In active mode, Clutter Free automatically closes detected duplicate tabs.
  2. Bug Fix: Closing two documents (or sheets or slides) from Google Drive ( sent one of the tabs in an infinite reload loop. This is now fixed.
    There is another unrelated bug with a similar reload loop with Drive documents when one is opened in a different window. It is still unfixed.

That’s all, folks!

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