Clutter Free – Dark mode in tab search (Supporters only)

If you are like me – dark theme system wide, and brightness and contrast turned low – then you may like this update.

A dark theme is now available in the tab search window. It applies consistently across all three tabs – search, duplicates and actions. The theme may be chosen on the options page, or quickly switched from the actions tab.

The dark theme is only available to supporters.

Other updates

  1. The direct switch indicator marks links that are already open in another tab. The indicator icon now takes a slightly darker shade on lighter pages, and a lighter shade on pages with dark backgrounds.
  2. Links in the footer – feedback, other apps, update notes – are gently highlighted when hovered.
  3. Bug fix – ‘Ignore hash’ setting had stopped working after the last update
  4. Potential bug fix – Updated some code to ensure multiple tab search windows do not open

That’s all, folks!

Please share your feedback, including suggestions and any bugs you find using this link.

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v. 2018.1222.8.4.6

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