AcceleReader for Instapaper – Instaread update & more

Instaread available from extension button

Instaread is now also available by right-clicking on the extension button in the toolbar.

Use Instaread when you want to read a page immediately, but in the clean, clutter-free interface of Instapaper. AcceleReader will save the page to your Instapaper account, and open the saved page in Instapaper in a new tab.

Other updates

This update has a lot of code changes behind the scene. Most of it is related to performance improvements, error handling, and some bug fixes. I have tested the update, but there is still a chance things might break.

Some of the bug fixes:

  • Performing offline actions – like, mark read, delete – in the extension popup now updates local view immediately.
  • Better handling of some Instapaper errors means list count is always in sync.
  • Extension popup is disabled when not logged in.

Please share any feedback or bugs you may encounter using the feedback form available here.

That’s all, folks!

ver: 2018.1013.4.15

P.S.: The Firefox version is still uploading, so may be a bit before it becomes available.

Get AcceleReader for Instapaper on Chrome and Firefox.

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