AcceleReader for Instapaper – ‘Instaread’

Instaread – save a page, and open the saved page for reading instantly

Use Instaread when you want to read a page immediately, but in the clean, clutter-free interface of Instapaper. AcceleReader will save the page to your Instapaper account, and open the saved page in Instapaper in a new tab.

There are two ways of using Instaread:

  1. From the right-click menu.
    Right-click on any page or a link on a page and select ‘Save and read in Instapaper’.
  2. Using a keyboard shortcut.
    Set up a keyboard shortcut to save the current page and open the saved page in a new tab in Instapaper.

You may enable Instaread on the options page.

Please share any feedback or bugs you may encounter using the feedback form available here.

That’s all, folks!

ver: 2018.1004.4.13

Get AcceleReader for Instapaper on Chrome and Firefox.

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