New: Word Counter extension for Chrome & Firefox

Screen Shot 2018-08-23 at 16.41.54.png

I hate those web forms where they ask you to stay within a character or word limit, without giving a count of how many I have already typed.

I can’t remove the character limits on all the forms, but I can sure show how many characters, or words, have been used up.

Word Counter extension shows a simple count of characters and words in a corner of the screen.  As soon as you start typing in a text box1 on a web page, the extension will start showing a live count of words and characters in the box. You leave a text box, the count disappears, leaving the screen clean.

Bonus: Select some text on a page, and the Word Counter box will appear with count of words and charachters in the selected text.

That’s all, folks!

Get it here on Chrome and Firefox.

Please share any feedback, including feature suggestions and bug reports using this link.

  1. Doesn’t count in text fields that take passwords or numbers