Todo.txt for Android – v 2018.0809.1.1


Long press to start selecting tasks

Long press a task to select it, and to enter task selection mode for quick editing.

In the initial release, a simple tap selected the task and switched to task selection mode. This caused overlap confusion between tapping on task (to select), and tapping on a project/context tag (to filter list by it).

Now, long press selects a task. Once a task has been selected, the more can be selected by tapping on them.

When in selection mode, the header shows number of tasks selected.

Text descriptions for task actions

Added text descriptions to the quick edit bar shown in task selection mode.

I may, in a future version add a setting to toggle this text description off.

The early beta version of the Todo.txt app for Android is now available in the Play Store. Please do give it a try, and share your feedback here.