Introducing: Quick tab search from address bar

Clutter Free - Quick tab search from address bar / omnibox

Clutter Free - Quick tab search from address bar / omnibox

Tab search from the address bar

Just type ‘cf‘ followed by space (or tab), and type in your search term.

The search results are updated as you type. Selecting a suggestion in the list switches to that tab.


  1. Quick tab search looks for keywords in open URLs, and website titles, across all open windows
  2. Search results list pinned tabs at the top, and newer tabs before older tabs
  3. Clutter Free can start a Google search for the search keywords, if no matching open tabs are found


Domain-level blacklist

Note: This is an early beta feature that may result in unexpected behaviour

Domains added to the domain blacklist are allowed to have only one tab open at any time. Opening a new link from the same domain in a new tab redirects the already open tab to the new link.

Domain blacklisting treats sub-domains separately from each other, and from parent domain. E.g.: Blocking will only prevent Google Inbox from opening multiple in tabs. Other Google URLs, like can still be opened.

If you give domain blacklisting a try, please share any feedback using this form.

Clutter Free - Version 2018.303.5.5

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