Currency conversion in autoConvert

Currency conversion in autoConvert seems to have stopped working.

It appears that the (free) API that the extension uses to fetch currency rates was removed. This has broken currency conversion.

I’ll try and look for a new (free) currency rates API tomorrow (Monday, 22 January). If one is available, I’ll update the extension with it. If I can’t find one, I may have to remove currency conversion entirely.

I’ll update here on the blog on the progress.


2 thoughts on “Currency conversion in autoConvert

  1. Hello, I am a huge fan of this extension. You should make a version for Firefox, as well.

    1. Thanks Graham. I’ve considered developing for Firefox, but been hindered a good few times by their developer relations team, and it didn’t seem worth the trouble.
      I might revisit it in the future if there’s demand for it.

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