AR\Instapaper, version 2016.1119.0.8

Keyboard shortcuts, continued…

  • New keyboard shortcuts on article list page:
    • 'm' to open Move to folder popover
    • 's' to open Share article popover
    • When either popover is open,
      • 'up/down' traverse through the list of folders/sharing-options,
      • 'enter' selects the currently highlighted option, and
      • 'esc' cancels the action, and closes the popover
    • 's' or ‘/' to focus on search field
    • Added 'e' as additional shortcut for archive article, alongside 'a', for compatibility with Gmail shortcuts
  • Added article highlight colours for sepia, grey, and dark themes
  • Added target="_blank" to all ‘Share by email’ and ‘Open original article’ links, so they open in a new tab
  • Bug Fix: When scrolling to top article on a page, scroll to page-top (0,0), to ensure part of article listing is not hidden under the search bar