Todo.txt for Chrome – v. 2016.1112.2.15

  • Bug Fix: Keyboard shortcuts didn’t work with non-English keyboards (tested solution with German).
  • New: Suggest priorities in filter field, along with +projects, @contexts, and #tags.
    Priorities suggestion can be triggered by:

    • Typing ‘(‘, or
    • Pressing ‘Ctrl‘ and ‘Down‘ keys when in search field.

    Only priorities present on tasks in the todo.txt file are suggested.

  • New: Click on any priority icon to filter tasks by that priority.
  • New: Press ‘F1‘ to show help.

Other updates:

  • Changed extension name to ‘Todo.txt for Chrome‘.
  • Improved formatting of suggestion drop-down for better clarity.
  • Preserve highlighted task across list refreshes.

Other bug fixes:

  • Changing highlight colour in options, required reopening app. Now, changes reflect immediately.
  • Resolved issue with email addresses getting parsed as @contexts.
  • Sort by priority didn’t show completed tasks with that priority.
  • Negative filtering by priority didn’t work.