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Thank you for using Todo.txt App for Chrome

Google ends support for Chrome Apps

Google has announced end of support for Chrome Apps across all platforms, except ChromeOS.

This change has dramatically reduced the potential user base for the app. It also handicaps development of the app going forward, since I don’t own a Chromebook.

The Chrome app & extension will need other updates too. I plan to add support for syncing with Google Drive. And, Dropbox has announced end of support for their old API that the apps use, so I’ll need to update the apps to work with new API.

Considering these changes, I have decided to focus future development on the Todo.txt Chrome extension, and gradually end support for the Todo.txt Chrome App. I strongly request you to give the Todo.txt extension a try.

The app will stay available, and you may keep using it till either Dropbox, or Google finally end their support. I shall update the app if there is a serious bug, or security issue. However, all development of new features will be on the Todo.txt Chrome extension.

If there’s a large ChromeOS user base who want me to continue maintaining the Chrome app, please do let me know. If there’s a strong feedback or support, I may opt to either keep the app kicking, or convert it into a standalone/cross-browser web app.

The new Todo.txt for Chrome

The Todo.txt Chrome extension (to be soon renamed ‘Todo.txt for Chrome’) has seen a few updates recently, including:

  • support for #tags – similar to +projects & @contexts,
  • custom task list sorting/ordering – up to 3 levels of sorting, by creation date, due date, completed, and priority,
  • due dates – add due dates with ‘due:2016-11-04‘ or ‘due:today/tomorrow/yesterday‘,
  • and, coming soon, syncing with Google Drive.

Most importantly, I’ve added a new app-like behaviour to the extension – use it in a stand-alone, app-like window where it stays open and available.

I use the updated Todo.txt extension daily, and love the new app-like window. Hope you will like it too!

Thanks again for using the Todo.txt Chrome app, and I really hope you give the Todo.txt Chrome extension a try.



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