iDoneThis Android app – End of support


Please let me start by thanking you for using “Done!” – my Android App for iDoneThis!

You may be aware that the team behind iDoneThis is currently upgrading their website for a better, faster user experience.

As part of this upgrade, the old API is being phased out. Sadly, I do not have access to the new API, and so, am unable1 to update the app to make it work with the new platform.

As a result, the “Done!” android app (and Chrome extension) will stop working2 for accounts that get upgraded to the new (beta) version of iDoneThis. (Expected date: Sept 15, 2016).

I believe the team at iDoneThis may release their own, tailored Android app, and Chrome extension. However, I do not have any visibility into their plans or timelines.

Thanks again for giving the app a go! I hope you liked it while it lasted.



P.S.: If your organisation needs a tech-adept, business person for a product / business / strategy role, please do get in touch.
I’m actively looking for full-time work/projects based in London, Guildford (UK), or remote.

  1. I’m actively looking for a full-time, paying project, and so shall not be updating the extension, even if I could get access to the API. 
  2. The “Done!” Chrome extension uses the same v1 API as the android app, so it too shall stop working once your account moves to the updated, new iDoneThis platform. 

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