Todo.txt Extension – version



  • New Feature: Add delete todo option
  • New Feature: Sync remote changes and show sync icon – when new task added, task edited, task marked done, task deleted, tasks archived
  • New Feature: When offline, show symbol indicating ‘offline changes not yet synced with server.’
  • Update: Remove checkbox label from full task text.
  • Update: Replace default checkbox with designed image version.
  • Update: Timestamp shows ‘Today’ when less than a day (instead of hours/mins/secs).
  • Update: Action bar should float when taskdiv is shown (position: fixed?).
  • Update: Offline tasks – list refresh when task is added / marked done.
  • Bug Fix: If task marked un-done, forget completion date (remove from LS and refresh)
  • Bug Fix: Offline tasks – sync gif continues forever if sync button pressed while offline.