Todo.txt Extension – version

CWS Init.

  • First private alpha version published on Chrome Web Store.
  • New Feature: Link ‘highlighted projects/contexts’ in todo lists to ‘filter by that project/context’
  • New Feature: Prompt from project list in add-task box when +/@ are pressed.
  • New Feature: Highlight projects with colour, or as tags with text in them at end of list item
  • Update: Search todo text by keywords, instead of exact text
  • Update: Filter results for search on every keydwn/keyup, instead of .change()
  • Update: Change element sizes on add-task page to reflect new min-popup size
  • Update: Save case-agnostic project/context list
  • Bug Fix: Escape origString before adding to Data-elements
  • Bug Fix: Stringify newly added/edited todos before saving to LS.